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Master of Divinity in School of Theology

The Master of Divinity is the foundational graduate degree program for ministry preparation. The program of study is designed to give the student comprehensive knowledge in biblical and theological studies and to help the student develop the specific skills needed for effective ministry.

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A call to ministry is a call to prepare.

For those called to ministry in today’s challenging and changing world, Southern Seminary offers the best preparation possible.

Biblical and Theological Studies

The Biblical and Theological Studies concentration is designed to focus on the study of scripture and theology.

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Biblical Spirituality

The Biblical Spirituality emphasis is designed for those called to minister in the local church or for students who wish to pursue advanced theological studies.

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Christian Ministry

This program is designed for those called to ministry in the local church or Christian organizations. This option allows for maximum flexibility with elective choices.

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Pastoral Studies

The Pastoral Studies concentration is primarily designed to prepare men who are called to serve in the office of pastor in local congregations.

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Ethics and Philosophy

Through this concentration, students gain an understanding of how to interpret culture and to apply a Christian worldview to issues.

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Note: Master of Divinity degrees are also offered in the Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism and Ministry. These other Master of Divinity degrees have different goals and requirements. For further information, consult the Billy Graham School website.