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Lead worship with a biblical heart and mind. Serve the congregation in the worship of God.

The Graduate Certificate and Advanced Graduate Certificate in Biblical Worship is designed for persons who wish to prepare for worship and church music ministry positions but who desire a more extensive biblical, historical, and theological focus.

This program is designed to prepare persons for leading worship ministry in churches as well as careers in denominational or institutional work.

Lead your ministry with theological and musical excellence.

Students pursuing Worship with the Southern M.Div. may complete a 9 hour Graduate Certificate, or an 18 hour Advanced Graduate Certificate en route to their degree.

Choose any courses totaling 9 hours. Students pursuing the Advanced Graduate Certificate will choose courses totaling 18 hours:

Graduate Certificate in Biblical Worship
Course Number Description Credit Hours
40200 Introduction to Biblical Worship 3
40605 History of Christian Worship and Song 3
40610 Worship Ministry as Discipleship 3
40615 Guiding the Worship Ministry 3
40625 Leading Worship Ensembles1 3
40670 Songwriting for Worship Leaders 3
40620 Worship Leadership and Design 3
40635 Technology for Music and Worship Ministry 3
50002 Worship Musicianship II2 3
52700, 55100, 57100 Private Music Study 1
50770, 50780, 50985, 58120, 58130 Worship Ensemble 1
  1. For students to enroll in 40625 Leading Worship Ensembles, they must have a passing grade in either 40650 Worship Assessment or 50002 Worship Musicianship II. To enroll in 40650 Worship Assessment students may email the Billy Graham School at
  2. 50001 Worship Musicianship I does not count towards the Grad Certificate, though it will count towards a student’s unrestricted electives.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to demonstrate competence in worship leadership.
    • Students will develop a philosophical/theological/historical understanding of the role of worship ministry in the church.
    • Students will demonstrate proficiency in the musical skills needed to lead a congregation in worship and worship ensembles in rehearsal.
    • Students will develop proficient leadership skills needed to serve in a local church worship ministry.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Graduate Certificate and Advanced Graduate Certificate in Biblical Worship will prepare students for worship and church music ministry positions.

Graduate Certificates are only open to M.Div. students. Every M.Div. at Southern Seminary combines a robust core of biblical and theological studies plus missions, evangelism, and ministry courses to ensure students are prepared for a variety of ministry roles.

Graduate Certificates are open to M.Div. students or alumni.

While it is not required that students have a background in music, it is recommended. All students will have assessments during their first semester to determine skill level. Students showing deficiencies in a skill will be required to take courses for additional training.

Students may apply for the Master of Divinity with an accredited bachelor’s degree (in any field/major). It is not required that applicants have an academic background in biblical or ministry studies.

Click here to learn more or start your application.

Graduate Certificates are meant to prepare students for specific ministry roles in conjunction with the Master of Divinity. Therefore, only students enrolled in the M.Div. may pursue Graduate Certificates.

Students who already hold a M.Div. degree may apply for and pursue additional Graduate Certificates.

The following students are eligible to apply for and pursue stand-alone Graduate Certificates:

  • M.Div. alumni of Southern Seminary
  • M.Div. alumni of other ATS-accredited seminaries

The application for Graduate Certificates comprises of:

  • The full, online application
  • Official transcripts of your M.Div.
  • Pastoral recommendation from your current church (provided in the application)

Yes. Students will work closely with Department of Biblial Worship staff via digital communication for assessments, exams, etc.

Biblical Worship faculty includes:

Matthew D. Westerholm

Associate Professor of Church Music and Worship

William R. Bishop

Associate Professor of Church Music and Worship

Matthew C. Boswell

Assistant Professor of Church Music and Worship

Esther R. Crookshank

Ollie Hale Chiles Professor of Church Music

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The Department of Biblical Worship

Preparing students for local church ministry that is gospel-centered, musically relevant, and ministry-focused.

Opportunities include:

  • Worship teams
  • Chapel orchestra
  • Institute for Biblical Worship
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