Students in the Biblical Studies concentration will receive training from Southern’s elite faculty in both areas of New Testament and Old Testament studies. The curriculum is designed to equip graduates in both areas of scholarship. Students will be supervised by faculty in either Old Testament or New Testament based on their research interests. Students must decide on a specific area of research in either New Testament or Old Testament when they apply.

Students in this concentration can study with faculty in either the New Testament or Old Testament Departments:

New Testament:

Old Testament:

Students will take 8 seminars in Old and New Testament, 4 colloquia, and prospectus development courses, and 2 modern research languages.

  • 82900 Old Testament Backgrounds
  • 82910 Pentateuch
  • 82920 Latter Prophets
  • 82930 Old Testament Theology
  • 83900 New Testament Backgrounds
  • 83910 Gospels and Acts
  • 83920 Epistles and Revelation
  • 83930 New Testament Theology

Colloquium & Prospectus Development:

  • 83000 New Testament Colloquium (x2)
  • 82000 Old Testament Colloquium (x2)
  • 81220, 81221, 81222, 81223 Prospectus Development

Modern Research Languages

  • French
  • German

Please consult the study guide to prepare for the exam.


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