Terry J. Betts

Professor of Old Testament Interpretation

Terry J. Betts headshot

T. J. Betts is Professor of Old Testament Interpretation and came to Southern Seminary in 2001.

Before joining Southern’s faculty, he pastored churches in Ohio and Indiana for over fourteen years and continues preaching and teaching today. Dr. Betts is married to Ann and they have 2 children. He has been a member of Ninth and O Baptist Church for 23 years. 


How to Teach the Old Testament to Christians: Discover How to Unpack All of Scripture for Today’s Believers (Tyndale Momentum, 2023)

40 Days in Psalms 1-50 (B&H Books, 2021)

Nehemiah: A Pastoral and Exegetical Commentary (Lexham Press, 2020)

Amos: An Ordinary Man with an Extraordinary Message (Christian Focus, 2011)

Ezekiel the Priest: A Custodian of Tôrâ (Peter Lang, 2005)

He writes for Lifeway’s Explore the Bible and is a regular contributor to Stand Firm and Biblical Illustrator.

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