Entrance Exams and Faculty Interviews

Entrance Exams are exams designed to give students the opportunity to demonstrate their comprehension of the subject area in which they are applying and sometimes in related fields. Students will be notified soon after submitting all application components as to whether they are invited to participate in the entrance exam and interview.

Student talking with Dr. Ibrahim

Exams and interviews are held on the first Friday in each month and are administered remotely (travel to campus not required).

For the entrance exam essay, applicants will be presented with a general prompt meant to give them an opportunity to demonstrate writing skills, a general knowledge base, and the ability to frame a cogent academic argument. Applicants should plan and write a substantial essay in response to the prompt. Applicants will have two hours to complete this general essay.

Applicants in the Biblical Studies, Old Testament, and New Testament concentrations should also prepare for a language translation exam in the relevant Biblical language. Applicants to the Biblical Theology concentration should prepare for a language translation from both Hebrew and Greek.

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