Master of Arts (Apologetics)

The Master of Arts (Apologetics) is an academic degree that combines a study of apologetics with specialized biblical and theological studies for those who are preparing for local church or cross-cultural ministry or wishing to pursue further graduate studies in apologetics.

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Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to…

  • Students will be able to understand the Christian worldview and have a global vision for fulfilling the Great Commission.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate significant knowledge of the Bible, interpret Scripture’s original meaning, and apply Scripture to contemporary situations.
  • Students will be able to integrate systematic and historical theology into a larger biblical framework.
  • Students will demonstrate a thorough knowledge of and engagement with the discipline of apologetics.
Program Requirements

Note: Continuing students should consult the Academic Catalog for the year in which they started for course requirements as the current requirements may have changed.

Contact the Student Success Office with questions.

Biblical and Theological Studies 33
20200 Introduction to the Old Testament I 3
20220 Introduction to the Old Testament II 3
22100 Biblical Hermeneutics 3
22200 Introduction to the New Testament I 3
22220 Introduction to the New Testament II 3
25100 Introduction to Church History I 3
25120 Introduction to Church History II 3
26200 Southern Baptist Heritage and Mission 3
27060 Systematic Theology I 3
27070 Systematic Theology II 3
27080 Systematic Theology III 3
Apologetics Studies 29
28500 Christian Philosophy 3
28700 Christian Apologetics 3
28660 History and Methods of Apologetics 3
28677 Studies in Apologetics 3
28720 Problem of Evil 3
28970 Logic 3
28999 Thesis Research and Writing 2
29370 Moral Theory 3
28730 History of the Bible 3
32100 Personal Evangelism 3
Total Master of Arts (Apologetics) Requirements 62
Next Steps

Gain a thorough knowledge of the discipline of apologetics, while engaging with it.

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