Students in the Historical and Theological Studies concentration will receive training from Southern’s elite faculty in both areas of Church History and Systematic Theology studies. The curriculum is designed to qualify graduates to teach in both disciplines. Students will be supervised by a faculty member in either Church History or Systematic Theology and write their dissertation in that field. Students are must decide on a specific area, either Church History or Systematic Theology, when they apply.

Students can be supervised by the following faculty:

Church History:

Systematic Theology

Students in the Historical and Theological Studies concentration will take seminars and colloquium on topics in Church History studies such as, Ancient Christianity, the Reformation, and Global Christianity. In the area of Systematic Theology, students will take seminars on topics such as Christology & Atonement, Pneumatology and Ecclesiology, and Modern Theology.

Seminars Include:

  • 84490 – The Ancient Church and Its Legacy
  • 84491 – Evangelicalism: Its Reformation Roots and Legacy
  • 84492 – Baptist History
  • 84493 – Global Christianity
  • 85010 – Theology Proper & Providence
  • 85020 – Christology and Atonement
  • 85030 – Pneumatology and Ecclesiology
  • 85040 – Modern Theology

Colloquium and Prospectus Development

  • 83000 Church History Colloquium (x2)
  • 82000 Systematic Theology Colloquium (x2)
  • 81220, 81221, 81222, 81223 Prospectus Development

Modern Research Languages

  • French
  • German
  • Latin

Students can prepare for entrance exams by using the study guide found here.


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