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Nick Challies Memorial Scholarship

The Nick Challies Memorial Scholarship was established in honor of Nick Challies, a Canadian student enrolled at Boyce College and Southern Seminary, who passed away unexpectedly during the fall of his junior year of studies.


Nick Challies was the son of noted evangelical author and blogger, Tim Challies, and his wife Aileen. On November 3, 2020, Nick shockingly collapsed and died while playing a game with his sister, fiancée, and college friends at a park near Southern Seminary. He was a junior at Boyce College in the BA to MDiv program and hoped to return to his native Canada to serve as a pastor.

During his time at Boyce, Nick built many friendships with fellow students and faculty members. He emerged as a leader within the student body, always showing concern for fellow students—compassion fitting for a budding pastor.

The Nick Challies Memorial Scholarship will provide tuition assistance to a selected student from Canada whose ministry aspirations are the same as those Nick possessed—to return to Canada and serve as pastor of a local church. Should there not be a qualified student from Canada, students from other nations (including the United States) are eligible for consideration.

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