Southern Seminary releases Winter 2011 Magazine

Communications Staff — January 5, 2011

The Winter 2011 Southern Seminary Magazine is now available. With content taking on the doctrine of creation, the publication carries the theme of ex nihilo (Latin, “out of nothing”) to draw attention to one of the most fundamental and distinctive tenets of the Christian worldview – that God the sovereign Creator brought the universe into existence out of nothing. The SBTS Resources page provides the PDF.

In addition to the latest about news, events, reviews and thoughts from Southern Seminary included in its In-Short section, the magazine features articles articulating and explaining the Christian doctrine of creation, its historical importance and contemporary relevance. Feature articles from Southern faculty members include:

  • R. Albert Mohler Jr., “The New Shape of the Debate” (page 24)
  • R. Albert Mohler Jr., “The New Atheism and the Dogma of Darwinism” (page 28)
  • Russell D. Moore, “All Things Dark and Terrible: Our Fearful Fascination With Wild Things and Other Monsters of God” (page 33)
  • Mark T. Coppenger, “Evolution and Creation in Higher Education” (page 36)
  • Greg A. Wills, “Creation and American Christianity” (page 40)

Readers can find subscription information on the magazine’s contents page (page 3).

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