Kevin DeYoung Preaches at Chapel, Delivers E.Y. Mullins Lectures

Distinguished author, podcast host, professor, and pastor Kevin DeYoung spoke at Chapel for The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and presented the historic E.Y. Mullins lecture series March 19–20.

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The Great Commission Is the Purpose of Missiology: Southern Seminary Hosts Regional Evangelical Missiological Society Meeting

For the first time in twenty years, the Southeastern region of the Evangelical Missiological Society met on The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary’s campus, on Saturday, March 16.

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5 Things a Pastor Should Consider When Using a Commentary

Pastors today have access to countless resources and commentaries to help aid in their preparation, but that raises the question how should a pastor use a commentary?

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A Christian America? Thomas Kidd Delivers Julius B. Gay Lectures

Noted historian and professor Thomas Kidd delivered three lectures at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary as part of the Julius B. Gay lecture series.

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“Embrace the Agonizing Struggle of Biblical Interpretation,” Vickers’ Faculty Address Calls for Cross-Centered Hermeneutic

Vicker's presentation, “Captured by the Word: Hermeneutics and the Agonizing Struggle,” Vickers applied Martin Luther’s three rules for theologians to biblical interpretation and stressed the need for believers to approach Scripture as the sanctified and sanctifying Word of God—rather than a mere object for study.

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Teach the Faith Unchanged and Unchanging, Mohler Urges in Spring Convocation

President R. Albert Mohler, Jr. delivered the commencement address, reminding all in attendance that we gather at the beginning of the term to remind ourselves of who we are and who we worship and serve.

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Married Couple Achieves PhD Milestone Together

Not many husband and wife duos spend date nights debating terms like “commissional pragmatic consequentialism,” and the “virtuous Christian discipleship paradigm.” But Evan and Vivian Pietsch aren’t like most married couples.

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Singing a New Song: A Country Star’s Journey from Suffering to Ministry

When you hear my name, I want you to think, "Granger Smith? Oh, I've heard of him. What a great savior we have in Jesus."

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How Should I Preach the Funeral of a Non-believer?

I know it sounds odd to say that I enjoy funerals more than weddings, but I do, because people are dialed in.

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President Mohler Becomes the Longest Tenured President in Southern Seminary History and Longest Serving SBC Entity Head

Today marks a historic milestone in the history of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and in the presidency of R. Albert Mohler, Jr., as he has surpassed Duke K. McCall as the longest-tenured president in the institution's history.

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Graduates Commissioned to Go and Speak of Him to All Who are Waiting at the 232nd Commencement Ceremony

Southern Seminary graduated 289 students in its 232nd commencement, a record for December Graduation.

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Boyce College Dorm Meeting: The Most Important Thing You’ve Never Heard Of

Dorm Meeting has nothing to do with the dorms. Yet, it’s the most important thing happening on this campus that you’ve never heard of—unless you are or have been a Boyce student.

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