You're In!

Welcome to the Southern Seminary family! We are so excited you have chosen SBTS as your home for ministry training. This page exists to provide guidance for next steps, campus services, and common questions.

Further questions can be directed to the Office of Admissions:


Next Steps

1) Set-up your Southern Profile & Review your Acceptance Letter

Upon your acceptance, you should have received an e-mail from Admissions with your Student ID and Student Username. Using that information, you will need to set-up your Southern Profile at the link below. In addition, make sure you review your acceptance letter (if you haven’t already) for important information about your admission.

If you cannot locate the email with your ID and username, or if you have yet to view your acceptance letter, you can find this information on your application portal.
Click here to set-up your SBTS Profile

2) Check your student e-mail

Included in your initial student login e-mail from Admissions will be your student e-mail address ( It will be important to check this e-mail often as it is the institution’s primary means of communicating with students. You will login to this email using the password you set-up in step #1.
Click here to login to SBTS Student Email

3) Fill out the Student Information Form

Before you can register for classes, you must fill out the student information form. Below is a link to this form that is on While you are there go ahead and familiarize yourself with MySBTS and what is available. The form asks for your anticipated graduation date – simply put your best estimate as to when you will graduate. For new students, this date may be flexible.
Click here to fill out the Information Form

4) Register for Classes in March (for Fall/Winter classes) or October (for Spring/Summer classes)

Class registration is completed through your my.sbts account. Click here to access our registration help page. Note that course registration opens on March 31 (for Fall & Winter), or October 31 (for Spring & Summer). You will only be able to register for courses that match the location you applied for (ex: Main Campus or Internet).

Wondering what classes you should take?

We recommend utilizing your Degree Audit tool on Once you login, click “Student Tools” and then “Degree Audit.” Once there, you will be presented with all of the classes required for your degree.

Our programs at SBTS do not have a set course track. Instead, you are able to take whatever courses you prefer at any time, pending pre-requisite requirements (Ex: You must take Elementary Greek before Greek Syntax). Some good classes to begin with include: Hermeneutics, Intro to New/Old Testament, and Systematic Theology.

If you would like to receive guidance on course selection, contact the Center for Student Success.

5) Familiarize yourself with Canvas and My.SBTS

As a student, you will utilize your My.SBTS account. You will also have access to your “Canvas” account, which is the portal through which you will interact with your courses. You will only be able to access Canvas once you have registered for classes through my.sbts.  Below is a brief description of what each portal provides:




Only available to students once they have registered for courses.


View Canvas 101 Webinar


View help guide PDF

  • View course syllabi and textbook lists
  • Interact with your courses (upload assignments, download files, etc.)
  • Communicate with professors
  • Register for classes
  • View and pay tuition
  • View campus directory
  • Complete MinistrySafe

6) Register for New Student Orientation (main campus) or complete Online Orientation (online/distance students).

Main campus students should register for New Student Orientation (more information here). Online students should complete Online Orientation as soon as they have registered for courses.

Online students are also invited to one of our incoming student webinars, designed as a supplement for orientation specifically for incoming online students to Southern Seminary and hosted by staff of our Global Campus.

7) Complete Ministry Safe Training

MinistrySafe is training that was created specifically to assist organizations with developing practices and policies that help to protect children from sexual abuse. Developed by lawyers Gregory Love and Kimberlee Norris, the training provides awareness to the signs of sexual abuse and to the laws related to sexual abuse. The training is required for all SBTS students before they graduate. Click here to view FAQ & instructions for Ministry Safe.

8) Login to Canvas, review syllabi and textbook lists

Once you have registered for classes through my.sbts, login to your Canvas account to access your course syllabus (which will list required textbooks for the course). While you are able to purchase your textbooks wherever you prefer, the Bookstore at Southern offers online ordering and purchasing of textbooks and is integrated with Canvas so it’s easy to find your books. (In Canvas, click on “Bookstore.”)

9) Join the Southern Seminary Community Facebook Group

If you have a Facebook account, we invite you to join the Southern Seminary Community Facebook Group where you can connect with over 3,000 current and future students to ask questions about housing and employment, or get advice from other students about studying at SBTS!

Online students — you are also welcome to join the Global Campus Facebook Group as you pursue your online education with The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary or Boyce College. This serves as a platform for fellow online students to ask questions, support each other, and even connect with other students in your area.

10) Secure housing arrangements (on-campus only)

Students who wish to live on campus must apply for campus housing. There are many off-campus options available near campus. Join the SBTS Community Group on Facebook (see link above) where off-campus housing opportunities are posted nearly every day.

Have further questions?

View our New Student FAQ’s (below) or click here to view contact information for important campus offices.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a newly accepted student, we know you have questions about your next steps, relocating to Louisville, and registering for courses. Check out the categories below to find answers to common questions.

Info Webinars & New Student Orientation

Southern Seminary offers multiple ways to inform and assist you in your transition to theological education through our informational webinars (optional) or New Student Orientation (required).

New Student Orientation

Spring 2024 Orientation

Who: Students who are newly admitted to study on the Louisville campus, or who are moving from online to on-campus studies are expected to attend New Student Orientation.

When: Friday, January 19, 2024 from 10:30 am – 3:00 pm. Check-in begins at 10:30 am in front of Heritage Hall.

Other details: Students and their families will need to book their own hotel arrangements for Orientation.

Students commuting to campus from outside of Louisville: Unless relocating to Louisville, students taking modular or evening classes are only required to attend Orientation if they live within a 1 hour driving radius of campus.

Register Now


Informational Webinars

Making it Work: Moving to on-campus studies

Available sessions at 3:30 pm (ET) throughout the year

Whether you are just beginning courses, or have been an online student with SBTS in the past, join us for this informational webinar on moving to Louisville. We will cover financial aid, housing, and job information, plus answer your questions about transitioning to campus for your studies. View upcoming dates & register here:

View Upcoming Webinars

Incoming Online Students: Tips and Tricks for Success

New online students are invited to these optional information sessions held multiple times throughout the year and designed as a supplement for orientation and hosted by staff of our Global Campus.

View Upcoming Webinars

Academic Calendar & Important Dates

See below for important academic and payment deadlines.

Winter 2023

Nov 28 – Dec 10 RDS Modular Seminars
Dec 3 FTS/Course Development and Design/Higher Education
Jan 3-13 D.Min/D.Ed.Min Seminars
Jan 9-14 EdD/DMiss Seminars
Jan 9-13 Modular ThM Seminars


Spring 2023

Jan 13 Seminary Orientation
Jan 17 Spring Main Campus courses begin
Jan 30 Spring Online Term A begins
Feb 6 Payment due for Spring Main Campus & Term A courses
March 3 Research Doctoral Studies Entrance Exams & Interviews
April 3 Online Spring Term B begins
April 3-7 Spring Break (no classes)
April 10 Payment due for Term B courses
May 15-26 Modular PhD Seminars

Summer 2023

May 29 Online Summer Term Begins
July 10-21 D.Min./D.Ed.Min. Seminars
July 14-22 EdD/DMiss Seminars
July 17-21 Modular ThM Seminars


Click here to view the full 2022-2023 Academic Calendar

Fall 2023

August 7 Online Fall Term A Begins
August 11 Doctoral Seminars: FTS/Course Development & Design/Higher Education
August 11 Seminary Orientation (New main campus students)
August 14 Fall Main Campus Courses Begin
September 8 Research Doctoral Studies Entrance Exams & Interviews
October 9 Online Fall Term B Begins
Nov 17-18, 20-2 Final Exams (main campus)


Click here to view the full 2023-2024 Academic Calendar

Center for Student Success

From orientation to graduation, The Center for Student Success is your source for academic and personal support at Southern Seminary.

Services from the Center for Student Success

Academic Advising

Discuss your academic goals with an advisor and plan out your class schedule. Phone advising is available for off-campus students. Our office also provides advanced placement exams and processes course substitutions.


The Writing Center

Receive writing assistance and improve your academic writing skills with writing staff members. Questions and papers can be submitted to The Writing Center for review.


International Student Services

If you are an International Student, meet with an advisor for admission, immigration and cross-cultural adjustment–related questions.


Assistance for Students with Disabilities

If you are a student with disabilities, meet with an advisor who will work with you to facilitate classroom and academic accommodations.


Ministry Connections

Access the Ministry Connections network to find ministry opportunities and meet with our Ministry Connections specialist for resume advice and how to prepare for interviews.


Campus Resources

Southern Seminary is not only a wonderful place to study, it’s a wonderful place to live and work! Check out the many resources and services our campus provides students.

Health & Rec Center

The state-of-the-art Health & Rec Center provides a broad range of activities, classes and facilities in a full-service center – including fitness classes, intramurals, children’s & family programs, and more.


Campus Technology

The Office of Campus Technology is responsible for the technology needs on campus. Including e-mail accounts, my.sbts/Canvas help, and more. Click below to learn how you can download Office 365 for free as a SBTS student.


Campus Clinic

The clinic functions as an Urgent Care Clinic, but also does wellness check-ups and physicals for children, (school, sports), and physicals for adults who need them for employment, school, or adoption. Annual women’s exams (with optional labs) are also available.


SBTS Bookstore

The Bookstore at Southern is one of the largest theological bookstores in North America, plus carries all required books for SBTS classes. Click here to learn more and view hours of operation.

Dining Services

The Dining Hall and Founder’s Cafe provide a variety of food and beverage services for campus. Special orders, grab-and-go, and made-to order items are provided. Learn more.

Print & Mail Shop

The print shop offers high quality printing services, while our mail room offers the convenience of a fully functioning post office on the SBTS campus. Learn more.

The Southern Exchange

The Southern Exchange serves students and student families through the distribution of free used clothing, shoes, household goods and furniture. Learn more.

Online Campus Store

Order official SBTS and Boyce College merchandise through our online campus store. Click here to view.

Contact Information

Below you’ll find contact information for important campus offices. Most are open 8 am – 4:30 pm (EST).



Academic Records

Academic Records Website


My.SBTS Accounting Portal

Campus Police

Campus Police Website

Campus Technology

Campus Tech Webpage

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Webpage

Health & Rec Center

HRC Webpage

Online Learning


Student Housing

(502) 897-4203
Housing Website