Non-Degree Seeking Status

Non-Degree student status is intended for students who only wish to complete 1-2 courses from SBTS and is only valid for 1 semester. Students who wish to take courses beyond 1 semester should apply to a degree program.

Non-degree students are not eligible for Financial Aid and will pay standard tuition and fees for courses.

Non-Degree Application Requirements

Any student who wishes to take courses at Southern Seminary or Boyce College must submit our online application, even if they only wish to take 1 course. Application requirements include:

  • A completed online application, including a brief spiritual autobiography and answers to personal questions
  • Church membership
    • All applicants to SBTS and Boyce College must be a member, or member-in-progress at a local church which will be confirmed via a church recommendation (see next bullet point)
  • Church recommendation
    • All applicants will be asked to provide a digital church/pastor recommendation from their church of membership. You will provide an email address of a pastor/leader from your church within our application, and they will automatically be emailed a digital recommendation form
  • Agreement with the SBTS student covenant
    • The full SBTS covenant is provided for reference within the application. Non-Degree students must agree to the full statement
  • $40 application fee paid upon submission of the completed application
  • Non-degree applicants do not need to submit transcripts from previous schools

How to apply as a non-degree seeking student

To apply for this status, follow the instructions below or follow-along with this video.

  1. Navigate to our application portal
  2. Click “Create an Account” and follow instructions
    • It is important to check your email often as it is our primary method of communication regarding your application status.
  3. Once logged in, click “Start New Application”
  4. To apply for masters-level courses:
    • Select “Southern Seminary Masters & Doctoral” application
  5. To apply for undergraduate-level courses:
    • Select “Boyce College Undergraduate” application
  6. On the Degree Info page of the application, select “Degree Type > Non-Degree Seeking”
  7. Answer each question presented on every page of the application.
  8. For help on adding your church/pastor recommendation, watch this video.

Masters-Level* Tuition & Fees

Non-degree students are not eligible for Financial Aid and will pay standard tuition and fees for courses.

Click here to learn more about estimated costs. *Boyce College tuition and fees can be found here.

Completed Applications

  • Once the Admissions office receives your completed application and church recommendation, it will be reviewed by our committee within 3-5 business days.
  • You will be notified via email of your application status.
  • Accepted students will be provided with detailed instructions on how to set-up their student account and pay tuition. You can read more about post-acceptance steps on this webpage.

Questions and Application Help

Questions can be directed to the Office of Admissions via email or phone:


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