Three Questions with Daniel Harman

Communications Staff — September 30, 2010

In the latest “Towers” edition, Daniel Harman, director of Campus Crusade for Christ at the University of Louisville, kindly answered three questions for us.

What are some of the daily tasks that go into directing a chapter of Campus Crusade for Christ, and how do those tasks contribute to the overall  goal of Campus Crusade?

I try to spend the bulk of my time in my office – the UofL campus! I meet with my student leader guys for discipleship and try to help them as best I can to grow as ministers of the Gospel. We go together to meet with other students. We share the gospel together. I wear a lot of hats. I’m busy setting things up for our big meeting on Thursday nights, coaching some of our ministry teams, staying in touch with Bible study leaders and resourcing them … trying to keep simple evangelism and discipleship the main thing so that we are producing disciple-makers.

How can pastors and church leaders best reach secular college campuses from a local church perspective?

It’s hard.  Ever try chasing freshmen? It will take lots of face-time – being on campus, hanging out, having those conversations. But I think inviting them into your world, as well.  Hospitality.  Have students over for dinner. Inevitably I think it will mean partnering with an already established group like Campus Crusade that loves the local church. One practical thing I think pastors could do is find out what’s happening on campus – what are the issues? What’s the spiritual climate?  What events are coming up? There’re always debates, panel discussions – times on campus to connect with unbelievers and publicly ask the questions that aren’t being asked. Try and spear-head evangelistic opportunities like that with your college group.

What is one talent you wish you possessed, but (sadly?) don’t?

Carpentry. Then I could build my wife anything she wanted. That would be awesome.

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