‘The College at Southern’: Boyce launches new logo, website

Communications Staff — June 9, 2014


Boyce College, the undergraduate school of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, launched a new logo and website to highlight its convictional leadership and distinctive spiritual atmosphere, June 9.

Founded in 1974 as Boyce Bible School, the program began offering bachelor’s degrees as James P. Boyce College of the Bible in 1998 under the leadership of R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of Southern Seminary. Later, the name of the school was changed to Boyce College. Boyce was the founder and first president of Southern Seminary.

Emphasizing the proximity and shared resources with Southern Seminary, the new logo includes the phrase “The College at Southern.” The rebranding comes just as the school prepares to move into the heart of Southern Seminary’s campus in August, when at least 240 new students are expected to arrive for the fall semester.

“Boyce College stands on the gospel, and has since its founding,” said the college’s dean, Dan DeWitt. “Launching the new brand, website and logo is a celebration of and preparation for Boyce’s continued growth, while also honoring the institutional convictions that brought us here.”

The undergraduate school updated its logo with an Old English-inspired letter “B” and the colors gray and red as part of a major redesign effort that includes the fresh website and an updated mascot logo. Gray connotes reliability, maturity and a solid tradition, while red signifies passion, courage and determination. This combination was chosen to reflect the foundation and vision of Boyce.

Bulldog-with-type-webBoyceCollege.com was updated to improve accessibility and provide quicker navigation for prospective and current students. The homepage now features prominent links to apply for admission, visit the Boyce campus, attend a Preview Day and learn more about the school’s academic offerings.

“We wanted to refresh the brand and the website to better represent the values of theological conviction and academic rigor and accessibility that James P. Boyce championed in founding the seminary and that are now lived-out in the college that bears his name,” said Steve Watters, vice president of the seminary’s office of communications, the department responsible for the project.

The school’s Bulldog mascot also received a fresh redesign, corresponding to the logo colors of gray and red and improving on the mascot’s facial features. The mascot will be featured on the Boyce basketball court and athletic apparel.

The aesthetic remodeling complements the major renovation of Southern Seminary’s 88-year-old Mullins Complex, which will become the new home for Boyce College in fall 2014. Updated as part of $20 million in renovations during the first phase of the institution’s Master Plan, the complex will feature spacious quad dormitories, a state-of-the-art student lounge and faculty offices.


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