SSHAC live blog compilation and audio

Communications Staff — March 5, 2009

This contains the links for each live blog from the Southern Seminary & History of American Christianity conference at Southern Seminary, Feb. 18-19.

The conference featured respected church historians, scholars and theologians from Southern and other institutions. You can order audio from the event at this link

The Grant Wacker presentation ‘Billy Graham’s America’ was derived largely from his forthcoming work of the same name. Because this material is copyrighted, Towersonline could not reproduce it in the live blog.

Opening post

The Meaning of Theologial Education — Timothy George

The Meaning of Southern Seminary — Mark Dever

Panel discussion one

American religion in the age of D.L. Moody – Stephen Nichols

James P. Boyce’s vision for Southern Seminary – Tom Nettles

American culture and the reshaping of Southern Seminary – Russell D. Moore

J. Gresham Machen, E.Y. Mullins, and the American Religion – Darryl Hart

E.Y. Mullins, Pragmatism, and Experiential Religion – R. Albert Mohler Jr.

Liberal theology, the social gospel, and the invention of social ethics – Gary Dorrien

Liberalism and Orthodoxy at Southern Seminary, 1870-1910 – Greg Wills

Panel discussion two

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