SBTS employee to appear on Wheel of Fortune

Communications Staff — December 18, 2008

Southern Seminary employee Allison Parker is one of the participants on the Wheel of Fortune show that will air at 7 p.m., Friday, Dec. 19, on WLKY.

Parker is the wife of Southern M.Div. student Zack Parker, council president of the seminary’s School of Leadership. Parker said she grew up watching and enjoying Wheel of Fortune (WOF) and was thrilled to be on the show.

“When Zack and I got married, we would watch WOF together, and he would constantly tell me to try to get on the game show,” she said. “I gave this experience over to the Lord in prayer since the first day of the audition. He already knew whether or not I was going to become a contestant. I prayed that He would calm my heart, help me focus, and give me the strength to do my very best, whether I was going to make it onto the show or not.”

Parker is a member of the WOF fan club and in March received an email about WOF auditions in Louisville in May. At the auditions, members of the audience were selected in a random drawing and Zack’s name was chosen. When he was selected for a call back audition, he sent Allison in his place. Two weeks later, she received a letter saying she had been selected to be on the show.

The show was taped Oct. 30 at Sony Studios in Los Angeles. Parker spent the day with 23 other contestants, met Pat Sajak and Vanna White and participated in the live taping. Parker said she loved being on the show and has sought to glorify God through the experience.

“It has been incredible to use this experience to share with others about the Lord,” she said. “Word spread fast that I was going to be on WOF, and many, many people would stop me and ask me about the experience.

‘I would use that time to glorify God and tell them that He gave me this opportunity. People would ask me if I was nervous about being on the show, and I told them that I was not, because God was in control and He already knew what the outcome would be.”

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