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Roberto Carrera Named Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies

Communications Staff — June 22, 2023

President R. Albert Mohler, Jr. has named Roberto Carrera as Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies. Carrera brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to enhance the seminary’s academic community and will play a vital role in shaping the next generation of Christian leaders by equipping students with a comprehensive understanding of the Bible’s historical, cultural, and theological contexts.

“I am excited to start this new journey at Southern Seminary,” Carrera said. “Southern has been my home for many years, and I am grateful to the Lord that I now get to give back from all I have received in my theological education. I want to train men and women to read Scripture faithfully and have complete confidence in the totality of the inspired Word of God. “

Completing his MDiv in 2016 and PhD in Old Testament under Peter Gentry in 2022, Carrera has worked for Online Hispanic Program since December 2019 and was named director in 2021. He will continue as Director of the Online Hispanic Program while joining the Southern faculty. Carrera has also served as an adjunct faculty member since 2019.

The Dean of the School of Theology, Hershael York, is delighted to welcome Carrera as a new member of the faculty and expressed his joy that future students will have the opportunity to learn from him.

“Roberto Carrera is further evidence of God’s continued favor on Southern Seminary,” said York. “Uniquely gifted and a brilliant teacher, Roberto’s classroom is ablaze with thoughtful engagement, intellectual challenge, and a deep commitment to biblical truth. I am excited and grateful that the next generation of Southern Seminary students will be shaped by such a promising godly scholar.”

Paul Akin, Provost at Southern Seminary, is thrilled to see Carrera join the faculty and praises his academic and missional leadership.

“Roberto Carrera loves God, loves the Bible, and is committed to the Great Commission,” Akin said. “I have traveled with him to Latin America and have seen firsthand how his leadership through our Online Hispanic Program is bearing fruit in the Spanish-speaking world. I am excited to see how the Lord will use him to help raise up a generation of faithful pastors, missionaries, and leaders for the church across Latin and South America and beyond.”

Hispanic Online collaborates with institutions and leaders by providing theological education in Latin America. With high-quality dubbing and contextualization, students can learn in their own language with the quality and depth that characterizes Southern Seminary professors. In 2023, Hispanic Online launched a new fully-Spanish doctoral program.

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