Mohler Joins Board of Focus on the Family

Communications Staff — September 3, 2004

Louisville, KY — R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, has been elected to the Board of Directors of Focus on the Family. The announcement came Tuesday, August 31 from James Dobson, the organization’s founder and chairman.

“The addition of Dr. Mohler to our Board will bring a wealth of leadership experience, theological insight and intellectual acumen to Focus on the Family,” said Dobson. “We are delighted that our ministry is in a position to benefit from all he has to offer.”

In a statement released Tuesday, Focus on the Family called Mohler a leading voice for the evangelical community and noted his commitment to perpetuating a Christian worldview.

“I am very honored by this election to the board of Focus on then Family,” said Mohler. “I believe that Dr. James Dobson and this organization are one of greatest forces for good in our day. I think at this strategic time there are few Christian organizations that hold as much promise to assist families and provide leadership for the evangelical movement as Focus on the Family. I‘m glad to add whatever I bring to this board and to join this great organization.”

Founded in 1977 and based in Colorado Springs, Colo., Focus on the Family ministers with advice, counseling and resources to millions of families through broadcasting, websites and other media. The organization’s radio programs are broadcast on 3,000 stations in North America and heard by 220 million people worldwide.

“Dr. James Dobson has given his life to assisting and strengthening families and providing insight to parents,” said Mohler. “But in recent years Focus has expanded to also become a very important resource base and think-tank for the evangelical movement. I have such great respect for so many at Focus who are working in areas of public policy and other specific ministries. I think it is the great evangelical organization that reaches both the culture and individual families.”

“Given Dr. Mohler’s unique perspective and experience, I have no doubt he will prove to be an outstanding addition to our Board,” added Dobson. “He is truly a leader among evangelicals. We’re extremely fortunate that Dr. Mohler has seen fit to lend his expertise to our mission in this way.”

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