Mohler completes two-book series on Acts for The Good Book Company

Communications Staff — September 9, 2019

The second volume covers Acts chapters 13-28, a “watershed moment” in the early church, Mohler writes.

Albert Mohler Jr. this week released the final volume in his two-part expository commentary on the book of Acts, titled Acts 13-28 For You: Mapping the Explosive Multiplying of the Church. The first volume, Acts 1-13, released in 2018. Both books are published by The Good Book Company.

Mohler, who is president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and host of “The Briefing” and “Thinking in Public,” intended his commentary to pay close attention to the text of Scripture and help preachers, teachers, and all Christians understand and apply the message of Acts.

The volume begins with a treatment of the Apostle Paul’s first missionary journey (Acts 13), then explores Paul’s many arrests and court appearances throughout his earthly ministry. The book then discusses the Jerusalem Council, the arrival of the church in Philippi, Athens, and Rome, and many other key moments from the Book of Acts. According to Mohler, the second part of Acts should embolden believers to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth, just as Paul himself did.

“God reveals in these chapters that he uses broken, sinful people to accomplish his purposes in salvation history,” Mohler writes in the introduction. “This is a humbling privilege. This is unspeakable grace — the holy God of the cosmos rescues us out of our sin and rebellion, and refashions us into ambassadors for his kingdom. As he commissioned Paul to take the gospel to the nations, so he calls all his redeemed children into his service to bear witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

The book was designed to be used in various formats: being read straight through, used as a devotional, or referenced in teaching and preaching ministries. Each of the 12 chapters focuses upon a section in Acts, featuring verse-by-verse interpretation and exposition, followed by a series of questions designed to help the reader reflect upon and apply the text to the Christian life. The book also concludes with a glossary of terms used throughout the commentary helpful for quick reference.

In the book, Mohler highlights the suffering and persecution the Apostle Paul endures in his mission to preach the gospel to all nations. In nearly every chapter, Mohler writes, the reader might expect Paul to meet his end or abandon his mission out of despair. But the narrative of Acts trains the believer to have an “unshakeable trust” in God’s sovereignty, Mohler writes.

“Discipleship means difficulty — a life of ease, comfort, and prosperity does not await people zealous for God and his kingdom,” Mohler writes. “Quite the contrary — Acts shows us the immense suffering that awaits the faithful servants of Christ. Yet, despite the suffering, it reveals the glorious grace, mercy, and power of God.”

The book officially released on September 1, and can be purchased at The Good Book Company and Amazon.

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