Mohler and Walker Assume Key Editorial Roles in Launch of WORLD Opinions

Communications Staff — October 1, 2021

WORLD, a noted bi-weekly Christian news magazine, recently announced that SBTS President R. Albert Mohler Jr. and professor Andrew T. Walker will team up to manage a new conservative commentary on pressing current issues, WORLD Opinions, which launched today.

Mohler was named opinion editor and Walker will serve as managing editor. Mohler believes now is the time to present uncompromising Christian conviction.

“We are living in a great battle of ideas.” Mohler said. “What we need is one place with authoritative, respectful, thoughtful, unequivocally Christian and conservative opinion, from a range of voices who share that commitment.”

WORLD Opinions comes bundled with a subscription to WORLD Magazine and will feature columns from some of today’s leading voices. It will be part of WORLD’s digital platform.

Walker, who serves as associate professor of Christian ethics and apologetics at SBTS, is thrilled for the opportunity to connect the theological convictions of readers to a well-articulated political conviction.

“As managing editor, I will be providing thought leadership to the overall project, making sure that WORLD Opinions is occupying the right theological and intellectual lanes in its content, tone, and direction,” he said.

“The project is committed to fostering an unambiguously Protestant and conservative perspective on the great issues and challenges of our day. WORLD Opinions is going to be at its best when it helps the reader connect their theological convictions to their political convictions.”

WORLD magazine has a reputation for sound journalism grounded in facts and biblical truth. Readers and listeners who have turned to WORLD for trusted news and analysis will now have access to straightforward Christian interaction with the headlines.

“We’re going to speak without hesitation in defense of objective truth, in defense of right.” Mohler said. “We’re going to be helping Christians join in the defense of those principles. In the midst of a tumultuous age, it’s a high calling. Now is exactly the time when something like WORLD Opinions is so desperately needed.”

Walker believes Mohler is an outstanding choice to head the project.

Said Walker, “When surveying what evangelicalism needs right now, in this moment, it is trusted leadership and unwavering conviction that are at the top of the list, Dr. Mohler embodies both. Evangelical witness needs strong institutions of stalwart conviction to bolster its longevity. WORLD Opinions, under Dr. Mohler, will aim to accomplish just that.”

Likewise, Mohler is confident that Walker is an important public intellectual who has been tried, tested, and proven faithful.

“I’m thankful that Dr. Andrew Walker is going to be serving as the managing editor for WORLD Opinions. He’s one of the most important, most incisive, and most faithful, young Christian thinkers in the world today. And furthermore, he’s already tested and tried and true.”

Said Mohler, “This is a grand adventure, it’s going to demand our very best and that’s absolutely what we’re determined to bring to it.”

He added: “Our hope is also that this will serve Southern Baptists well, even as a witness to our theological convictions and commitment to the Christian worldview.”

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