Matt Boswell, a leading figure in church music and worship, joins Southern Seminary faculty

Communications Staff — May 28, 2019

Matt Boswell, a widely respected hymn writer and leading figure in church music, is joining the faculty of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, President R. Albert Mohler Jr. announced today. Boswell, who is currently the founding pastor of the Trails Church in Prosper, Texas, will be assistant professor of church music and worship.

Boswell has released multiple albums and has authored or co-authored widely acclaimed songs including “Christ the Sure and Steady Anchor” and “Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery.” Boswell is well-regarded not only for his hymnwriting, but also his training of worship leaders for church ministry. He is the founder of Doxology and Theology, a ministry focused on equipping and encouraging worship leaders in the practice of gospel-centered worship. As a leading figure in the development of theologically rich modern hymns and worship pastors to lead the church in singing them, Boswell is a perfect fit for a school like Southern Seminary, according to Mohler.

“Matt Boswell is one of the most thoughtful, biblical, and faithful leaders of Christian worship, and one of the most important figures in modern Christian hymnwriting,” Mohler said. “The renaissance of great hymns in this generation is one of the most important signs of hope. I eagerly look forward to Matt Boswell providing leadership and inspiration for our students as we move into an exciting new era in providing stellar, inspiring, and faithful worship leaders and church musicians in the coming generation. We are proud of Matt Boswell as one of our own, and we are confident that his teaching and exemplary leadership will make a decisive difference in years to come.”

Boswell earned his master of arts in church ministry from Southern Seminary in 2013 and will complete his doctorate of philosophy in Christian worship and biblical spirituality at Southern this year. His dissertation is on Charles Spurgeon’s pastoral theology of singing. Before founding the Trails Church in 2018, Boswell was a worship pastor at Providence Church in Frisco, Texas (2011-2018), and Fellowship of the Parks in Keller, Texas (2002-2011). Boswell will continue to serve as pastor of the Trails Church while teaching at Southern.

I am deeply grateful to serve as an assistant professor at Southern Seminary,” Boswell said. “This institution has profoundly influenced my life and ministry, making it an incredible honor to share the wealth of wisdom I’ve received here with the next generation of church leaders.

“Southern stands out for its relentless commitment to the truth, the local church, the world, and the glory of God. While the seminary’s history is rich, I believe the future holds an even greater reward for the work Southern students and faculty will accomplish.”

Boswell’s extensive academic and practical experience in church music make him well qualified to guide Southern Seminary students into the next generation of worship ministry, said Matthew J. Hall, provost of Southern Seminary. Boswell’s appointment extends the strong tradition of hymnwriting and Christian worship at Southern Seminary, according to Hall, and gives aspiring worship leaders and church musicians another reason to train for ministry at the school.

“Matt Boswell is already widely known as one of the foremost Christian songwriters in our time, penning some of the most beloved and theologically rich modern hymns of the day. Those who know him also know him to be a faithful pastor, a careful theologian, and a devoted husband and father. I am delighted that he is joining the Southern Seminary faculty, where he will shape a generation of pastors and ministers with a fully orbed biblical vision of worship and music.

“Southern Seminary has been at the center of the resurgence of biblical hymnody and worship in the past two decades. Matt’s appointment to the faculty strengthens that commitment and vision. For students who want to rightly understand the inseparability of doxology and theology, there is no better place, nor a better time, to be than at Southern Seminary.”

Boswell is married to Jamie, and they have four children: Caden, Avery, Addison, and Cannon.


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