March “Towers” talks dead people

Communications Staff — March 16, 2012

The March 2012 “Towers” is now on stands and online.

“Dead Among the Living” isn’t a new band stirring mosh-pits or a new show on the AMC network – though it might work for both. Rather, it’s a word-picture of a too-common group of people who borrow the presumed benefits of church-goers: a conveniently powerful God and a feel-good community of, well, just good ‘ol people. They’re sitting in the pews of your church and mine. They probably look like you. But they’re dead.

In this March 2012 issue of “Towers,” Steve Watters, along with Timothy Paul Jones, helps readers think through this phenomenon, then Mike McKinley helps pastors learn to reach the spiritually dead who sit in the pews at church, the dead among the living.

Also in “Towers,” Andrew Peterson talks about the Christian imagination and Bruce Ware tells parents how to teach the Bible to their children.

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