Jan. 25 Towers: Church planting and local church ministry

Communications Staff — January 25, 2010

With church planting and local church ministry philosophies abounding, Towers took a closer look into the lives and approaches to ministry of some church planters and local church practitioners.

The Jan. 25 Towers features a cover story on Steve Timmis and his approach to local church ministry. Timmis is the co-founder, with Tim Chester, of The Crowded House, a church planting initiative in Sheffield, UK. Timmis and Chester also co-authored “Total Church,” a book on local church ministry that some church planters view as foundational to their philosophy of ministry.

This issue also spotlights Nick Nye and Kevin Larson, two Southern Seminary graduates who are putting their theological training to work through church plants in Columbus, Ohio, and Columbia, Mo., respectively. Nye and Larson talk about church planting is actually like.

Michael McKinley says church planting is for wimps: real men do church revitalization (Yes, he is poking fun at church planters). Author of the forthcoming work “Church Planting is for Wimps: How God Uses Messed-up People to Plant Ordinary Churches that Do Extraordinary Things,” McKinley discusses his approach to church revitalization/planting in a Q&A with Towers.

Other features of this issue of Towers:

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