Historic days at SBC and SBTS: the tweets tell the story

Communications Staff — June 24, 2009

Southern Seminary professors and administrators provide a snapshot — via Twitter — of the passage of the Great Commission Resurgence task force and the seminary’s 150th anniversary celebration.

Great Commission Resurgence task force approved by SBC messengers:

albertmohler: Ok folks, here we go. Pray that the motion is received with great enthusiasm by the messengers and that I present it well.

timothywashere: watching @AlbertMohler present the Great Commission Resurgence; pray that, whatever the outcome, God and Gospel are focus, rather than SBC.

drmoore: thinks the RAM man did a great job speaking for the GCR!

drmoore: wonders how anyone could compare Johnny Hunt to a Primitive Baptist?

hershaelyork: This sweet brother is misinformed.

drmoore: applauds Frank Page’s excellent speech in favor of GCR.

SBTS: News.sbts.edu Messengers overwhelmingly adopt Great Commission Resurgence motion: Messengers overwh.. http://cli.gs/uM35v

drmoore: that.was.amazing.

drmoore: thinks the SBC is showing some unity, purpose, and joy. This is a new day, I think.

albertmohler: Thanks the Southern Baptist Convention for its overwhelming adoption of the Great Commission Task Force. What a sweet Gospel moment

DonWhitney: Widespread sense of encouragement & unity perceived at SBC after motion on Great Commission Resurgence Task Force passes almost unanimously

DennyBurk: The mainstream press will likely miss it, but the most important action of this SBC just happened–approving a GCR taskforce.

albertmohler: Thanks Frank Page and Jarrett Stevens for great words in support of the Great Commission Task Force. They were eloquent and right

albertmohler: Well, President Hunt, Southern Baptists showed you how much they love, trust, and respect you tonight. We are all praying for you.

albertmohler: Congratulates Danny Akin for seeing a Gospel burden of his heart affirmed by his SBC brothers and sisters tonight.

lasmith57: Excited about the Great Commission Resurgence vote and optimistic about the future of the SBC.

DanDeWitt: thankful for signs of resurgence.

SBTS: News.sbts.edu Hunt names 18-member GCR Task Force: Johnny Hunt, president of the Southern Baptist C.. http://cli.gs/Ngg1M

drmoore: thinks this the best SBC I’ve ever attended, for all kinds of reasons. Ready to write “Why I Am a Baptist” all over again, except longer.

SBTS 150th celebration and Duke K. McCall Sesquicentennial Pavilion dedication

DanDumas: is thrilled to host the #SBC2009 on our SBTS campus today. It is going to be a blast!

albertmohler: is ready for a great and historic day as the SBC meets and Southern Seminary celebrates its sesquicentennial. Don’t miss it.

drmoore: is emotional and grateful as we prepare to worship, thanking God for 150 years of Southern Seminary.

DanDeWitt: truly thankful to be a part of Southern Seminary. Listening to Dr. Mohler review our last 150 years of training over 20,000 ministers.

timothywashere: hopes that his mind is as sharp in his 95th year as Duke McCall’s seems to be.

DanDumas: Grateful to stand in the long stream of church history and Southern Seminary. Extremely grateful to have a tiny part in training pastors.

lasmith57: SBTS sesquicentennial celebration ends with a moving service, capped by gracious words from former president Duke McCall. God was honored.

DonWhitney: Thoroughly enjoyed participating w/others in a historic moment today as part of “long line of faithfulness” at Sesquicent. Pavilion at SBTS.

drmoore: stopped to watch lightning bugs in Southern Seminary’s “Valley of Decision” on way to Mohlers’. Reflecting on gratitude for 150 years.

albertmohler: Thanks everyone for the incredible sesquicentennial celebration and service this afternoon. Incredible. My heart is full.

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