Frame discusses academic writing

Communications Staff — December 22, 2010

In our forthcoming, Jan. 3 issue of “Towers,” Josh talks with author and professor John Frame about his newest book, The Doctrine of the Word of God. In their discussion, Josh asks Frame about his self-referential writing style (i.e., using the first person); here is part of Frame’s reply:

… For a long time I’ve been opposed to the academic model of theology that says theology is just another academic discipline and that when people write theology they should have all the footnotes and bibliography and other impersonal elements. I think those are valuable tools and skills for theologians to have, but essentially, theology is the didache of the New Testament, which is supposed to be the presentation of sound doctrine, and it’s supposed to be doctrine that builds people up in the faith.

I don’t think that reading academic papers is usually a very good way of building people up in the faith. I’m not saying that’s something bad, but I think that theology again is much more than that. I always try to take the role of somebody who is concerned about the hearts and souls of the people who are reading the paper and who himself has a personal relationship with Christ and with the doctrines that I am teaching. …

Check out their full conversation in “Towers,” the first week of January.

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