FLAME launches new record label

Communications Staff — August 30, 2010


Hip-hop artist Marcus Gray, known as FLAME, launched his own record label Sunday, Aug. 1. The Grammy-nominated rapper, who is a school of theology student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, started Clear Sight Music to fill a void in Christian hip-hop industry, and to provide an opportunity for new artists to further the momentum of this conservative movement.

“I’m excited about [Clear Sight Music] because the heart-beat of it is holistic,” FLAME said. “We want to see people converted, we want to see people discipled, we want to see people enjoying good art, and then we want to see people join the local church.”

Clear Sight Music will seek to produce quality art that will edify believers and speak the Gospel to unbelievers. FLAME is adamant about the theological and missiological nature of his new label.

“Thinking about the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations … taking that concept and thinking through the way God has shaped me and the circle of influence he placed me in growing up; thinking about that people group, sometimes called ‘hip-hoppers:’ it’s a culture. The Lord has saved me out of that culture, but I’ve submitted my life to Christ, and now my goal is to be missional, to be on duty as it relates to sharing the Gospel,” FLAME said.

“[The label] is unique because it’s not just a business, not just a label. It’s a ministry that can serve alongside the local church.

“Primarily God’s means of [spreading the Gospel and discipling] is the local church. Nevertheless, as a member of the local church, God has equipped me with certain skills and talents to come along side [the church] with a record label that actually perpetuates the Great Commission,” FLAME said.

Because hip-hop has grown in popularity during the past several years, in every cultural demographic, this new record label will help spread the Gospel around the world. FLAME’s desire for Clear Sight Music is that it serve as a conduit for Gospel-centered, missional artists to minister to the world with hip-hop music.

“Ultimately we point [listeners] back to the local church,” FLAME said.

A new, unique record label affords the best opportunity for FLAME to further his ministry in producing Gospel-centric art and equipping new artists to do the same.

“There is a unique spin [on Clear Sight Music] by my having a love for biblical counseling. My goal is to infiltrate the music industry, as well as the arts in general with the Gospel. So I am thinking beyond music to curriculum and conferences. That way, the momentum from an album can funnel everything back to the local church. So in that way Clear Sight Music is unique,” FLAME said.

“I [also] think about expanding. There are maybe three record labels [who are of] like-mindedness, but their rosters are full. They’re doing great work, but the doors are pretty much closed [to new artists],” FLAME said. “So in my mind, Clear Sight is coming along side these [labels] and we’re expanding. We’re furthering the Kingdom at Clear Sight by starting a new entity through which we can sign new artists and perpetuate the Gospel to a new set of people.

“We [will] look for [artists] … who are filled with the Spirit and with wisdom. We want to find the right men or women … who can articulate the Gospel, love Jesus, love people and hate sin, and then give them a platform.”

Clear Sight Music will look to bring the light of the Gospel to the often dark world of hip-hip culture.

“Everyday [rap music] pumps people with a worldview. What we’ll do at Clear Sight Music is seek to word Gospel truth the way the hip-hop culture needs to hear it,” FLAME said. “We want to see the Great Commission fleshed out.”

Clear Sight Music has officially launched its Web page with information, resources and even a music player at www.ClearSightMusic.com. Fans and supports can also follow Clear Sight on Twitter at www.twitter.com/ClearSightMusic.

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