Career Readiness Certificate promises to help Boyce students prepare for the workplace

Communications Staff — September 21, 2018

The Boyce College Office of Vocation and Career Development is now offering an all-in-one package for students to be prepared for careers after they graduate. The Career Readiness Certificate — which consists of workshops, events, and personal meetings with advisor Ben Hussung — was created for students to be ready to enter the workplace no matter their ambition or degree.

“The certificate is an opportunity for students to gain valuable skills that will prepare them to pursue their particular career path and succeed in that career path,” said Hussung, who has is advisor for the Boyce Vocation and Career Development office.

Students can complete the certificate in one-to-four years as long as they complete its five requirements. To earn the certificate, students must:

  •      Attend four vocation and career development workshops
  •      Attend two vocation and career development events
  •      Attend two career counseling meetings with Hussung
  •      Develop a working resume and cover letter
  •      Participate in a mock interview

Hussung plans to teach students how to think biblically about their calling and career. The workshops will address topics common to career development, such as professionalism and communication in the workplace. Others will help students find their calling vocationally.

“A lot of the workshops this year are about how to figure out what you want to do, and then how to pursue it,” Hussung said.

This is an invaluable opportunity for students, according to Hussung, to both gain skills necessary for the workplace and build their resumes. Additionally, one male and one female student who earn the certificate will win a prize worth over $500.

Hussung believes the certificate is useful for any student — even those who are applying for jobs online. All of the processes for applying for jobs are similar, and despite how technology has transformed the job search process, relational networking is still essential.

“Even with thousands and thousands of job postings online, personal relationships are still the way that the vast majority of people get jobs,” Hussung said. “Having a paper resume, having the ability to interact with people on a personal level, and making a good impression face-to-face is going to give you an exponentially better chance at getting a job. The career readiness certificate will help you navigate those pathways.”

The certificate is also valuable for those getting ministry specific degrees, he said.

“It’s easy to think of our full-time vocational ministry degrees on a different stratosphere than the professional degrees.” Hussung said. “I think even if you are a missionary, working in a church, or if you are in a business or a law firm there are certain soft skills that you need like communication to help you succeed at every level. Whatever your workplace is, those types of skills are necessary.”

This year’s job expo will have a wide array of up to 50 companies, ministries, and non-profits. Also present at the job expo this year will be schools with graduate programs for students seeking to get a JD, MBA, or Master of Accountancy.

“Often, students get to their senior year and realize that they have the content knowledge to succeed in their career, but they have no idea how to actually pursue jobs in that career. The Certificate is a way to alleviate that.” He also adds, “You can’t succeed in your career if you can’t get a job in it. The certificate is a really practical, and fun way to gain the skills necessary to both pursue your career and succeed in it.”

The certificate is sponsored by several local businesses. Students can sign up for the certificate at and can get more information by emailing

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