Be a Bulldog Day provides visiting students a unique perspective on Boyce College life

Communications Staff — February 17, 2020

Some current Boyce College students who attended the biannual event now volunteer as hosts for visiting high school and transfer students

Last week, Boyce College hosted 19 prospective students for “Be a Bulldog Day,” a unique visit day for prospective students. Twice a year, Boyce College, the undergraduate arm of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, invites high school and transfer students to spend the day with a current student and stay overnight in the dorms.

During their visit, prospective students take a campus tour, visit a class, and meet Boyce faculty members. They also get a unique perspective into student life, inhabiting the world and community of a Boyce student.

For some students enrolled at Boyce, the visit was an important factor in their college decision. As current students, they now want to help others experience the same thing.

Alexa von Feldt, a former Bulldog Day guest and current student, appreciated her chance to experience the school before enrolling. She believes Be a Bulldog Day provides a well-rounded view of the school, from sitting in on a class to cheering on the school’s basketball team.

“My experience as a Be a Bulldog Day guest was phenomenal,” she said. “It gave me a great look into what Boyce College is and it is 100% the reason why I am here.”

This visit experience is often the turning point in a student’s decision process. Von Feldt added that her visit was a unique opportunity to see what living in Louisville as a Boyce student would be like. She still speaks highly of her visit and related how she felt as if she was being invited into a community of God’s people.

“I love being a host because I want all the prospective students to have the best experience they can,” she said. “I want students to see what Boyce College is, and I love being a part of that process by hosting students.”

Halee Dunford participated in Be a Bulldog Day as a senior in high school in 2017 and is also now enrolled at Boyce. Dunford related how her visit helped her see college as a viable option.

“Before visiting, I felt like college was very theoretical and I didn’t know what it would actually be like, or what the atmosphere on campus was actually like apart from the admissions tour,” she said.

After she visited campus and interacted with current students, she began to imagine how she would form meaningful friendships herself. Dunford’s experience at the event helped her realize that she could make it as a student at Boyce, she said. She is confident that Be a Bulldog Day is the reason why she is now at Boyce, noting that it “sealed the deal” for her.

“My experience as a Be a Bulldog Day guest was incredibly positive,” Dunford said. “I think it was incredibly helpful in envisioning what being a student at Boyce is really like. It makes you feel more connected to the school to become friends with actual students.”

Be a Bulldog Day exists to offer students a more personalized and realistic experience of the college, said Kristin Ellis, assistant director of visit experience at Boyce. Unlike Preview Day, which is a more formal visit experience, Be a Bulldog Day is a more personalized way to explore academic programs and student life, she said.

“Be A Bulldog Day will provide a ‘day in the life’ of a Boyce College student,” Ellis adds. “This event is more student life centered — allowing a prospective student to get a full picture of what being a Boyce Bulldog is all about. It is more than informative, but it is a truly experiential visit. Many of our prospective students (and current student hosts) will make deep and personal connections that will last throughout their Boyce career and beyond.”

While she affirmed that this visit day would be great for anyone looking into the school, Ellis added that Be a Bulldog Day is best for high school seniors or transfer students — students who are trying to make a final decision about college.

Be a Bulldog Day takes place once every semester. Learn more about Boyce College at its website.

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