Boyce student killed in high-speed wreck

Communications Staff — April 4, 2005

A Boyce College freshman died Sunday evening when a speeding motorist crossed the grassy median of a local interstate and struck his car.

Jeremy Leezer, a 27-year-old Louisville native, was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash, which occurred at approximately 9 p.m. on the Gene Snyder freeway between Interstate 64 and Taylorsville Road in eastern Louisville, according to a police spokesman. The driver whose car crossed the median into Leezer’s path also died, she said.

Jeff Smith remembers Leezer as a growing Christian who fervently proclaimed the Gospel to lost family members and friends. Leezer was a member of Clifton Heights Baptist Church where Smith serves as pastor.

Smith saw Leezer converted to Christianity some four years ago and watched the 27-year-old Louisville native mature into a strong disciple of Christ who had just embarked on his theological education, enrolling for spring semester classes at Boyce. Smith himself is a master of divinity student at Southern Seminary.

“Jeremy had a heart to see people come to know Jesus,” Smith said. “Most every time we talked he was telling me about his family and friends and his desire to be able to communicate with them the Gospel and to see them to come to know his Savior.

“The night he died he had been at home talking with a friend and encouraging them to make that commitment to the Lord.”

Smith baptized Leezer three years ago and had served as has mentor in the time since. The two had just reconnected the mentoring relationship that had been interrupted by Smith’s stint of service in the U.S. Army. Leezer had been diligent in his ministry to the body at Clifton heights, serving as an usher, children’s church teacher, and youth group volunteer, Smith said.

Boyce professor Barry Joslin taught a hermeneutics class in which Leezer was a student. Joslin said he often talked to Leezer before and after class and sensed in the first-semester student an excitement about learning how to better understand the Scriptures.

“The lights were really coming on and he was really starting to understand what it was all about,” Joslin said. “He seemed to be really enjoying class and was certainly advancing in his knowledge.”

Smith says Leezer was the embodiment of a persevering saint. A father of two young daughters, Leezer held down two jobs, attended Boyce classes, and got little sleep. Yet Smith said Leezer never complained about his circumstances.

“He was the embodiment of one who endures in the faith,” Smith said. “It is my prayer that through his death, many, many more may come to know the Savior that he loved. He is a good friend who is going to be missed.”

Leezer’s funeral was held April 7 at Clifton Heights Baptist Church.

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