Boyce College Athletes Awarded for Stellar Fall Performances

Travis Hearne — November 22, 2023

Boyce College athletes have garnered well-deserved applause for their outstanding performances during the fall semester. Between volleyball and soccer, Boyce College student-athletes earned 22 national or regional honors this past season —showcasing remarkable skill, determination, and sportsmanship. Danielle Ruhr also received the Ray Bullock Award for her leadership and passion for ministry, both as an athlete and a Christ follower, the highest honor in NCCAA Cross-country.


Among the award-winners, Olivia Rau received the Regional Player of the Year award for NCCAA volleyball. Rau was also named a First-team All-American with Madeline Molyneux earning a spot as a 2nd Team All-American. Head Coach Jackie Stevens also won the Regional Coach of the Year for the second consecutive year. The Bulldogs beat Faith Baptist Bible College in the National Tournament before falling to Arlington Baptist College and losing to Manhattan Christian College in the final set.

Regional Award Winners:

Coach of the Year: Jackie Stevens

Player of the Year: Olivia Rau

1st Team:  Madeline Molyneux and Elyse Rau

2nd Team: Vivian Visconti

Honorable Mention: Elena Manon and Megan Wood

National Award Winners:

1st Team All-American: Olivia Rau

2nd Team All-American: Madeline Molyneux

Scholar Athletes: Olivia Rau, Vivian Visconti, and Megan Wood (juniors or seniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher)


The soccer team made history again this year by playing in the program’s first-ever national championship game, where they lost to Pensacola Christian College. Jude Hammen, Schnaider Saint Louis, and Ryan Sears were each named to the All-tournament team. Schnaider Saint Louis also received a national honor by earning the Golden Ball, which goes to the player scoring the most goals in the national tournament.

Yonelson Alvarez earned the Regional Player of the Year Award with Franck Mwungura, Joel Issacs, and Schnaider Saint Louis each being named to the All-Regional 1st Team.

Regional Award Winners:

Player of the Year: Yonelson Alvarez

1st Team: Frank Mwungra, Joel Issacs, and Schnaider Saint Louis

National Award Winners:

Golden Ball: Schnaider Saint Louis (scored the most goals at the national tournament)

All-Tournament Team: Judd Hammen, Schnaider Saint Louis, and Ryan Sears

Scholar Athletes: Cade Edwards and Samuel Ibikunie (juniors or seniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher)

Celebrating Wins

The collective achievements of Boyce College Athletics in the fall semester stand as a testament to the hard work, dedication, and guidance of the coaches, the unwavering support of the college administration, and the relentless efforts of the student-athletes.

As the fall semester draws to a close, the Boyce College community celebrates these remarkable achievements. The victories attained on the fields and courts help fulfill Boyce College’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals who excel not only in academics but also in sportsmanship and teamwork, all for the glory of God.

Michael McCarty, Director of Athletics at Boyce College, is thankful for the dedication of the players, coaches, and administrators.

“Boyce athletics is blessed with great coaches who love the Lord, love sports, and challenge our student-athletes daily on and off the field of play to grow,” McCarty said. “We have a great group of student-athletes that work extremely hard in the classroom and on the field of play while giving glory to God for all that is accomplished. Boyce athletics is very thankful to the Lord and looks forward to continued growth.”

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