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Boyce College Appoints Erin Austin First Professor of Marketing

Communications Staff — June 8, 2023

President R. Albert Mohler, Jr. has named Erin Austin as Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Marketing at Boyce College. Austin becomes the first professor of marketing, a new faculty position approved by the Board of Trustees during their April meeting. Along with decades of teaching experience, including serving as an adjunct professor at Boyce College since 2020, Austin brings her years of leadership in the business world to the classrooms of Boyce College.

“Teaching at Boyce as an adjunct over the past several years has been an absolute joy,” Austin said. “I am so thankful and honored by the opportunity to move into the role of assistant professor. I look forward to walking alongside the Boyce business students as they study and prepare to serve their customers and colleagues in the marketplace.”

Dustin Bruce, Dean of Boyce College, says the hiring of Austin will continue Boyce College’s mission to inspire graduates to faithfulness in all areas of life.

“Erin Austin makes an excellent addition to the Boyce College faculty. With her passion for marketing and love for teaching, I am confident she will inspire countless students to enter their field committed to professional excellence and Christian faithfulness.”

Students increasingly seek marketplace degrees at Boyce College, and Austin fits the growing need to help students navigate the corporate world from a Christian worldview. She is excited to apply her unique marketing background to help train the students of Boyce College.

“My experience in a corporate environment allowed me to interact with individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and walks of life and taught me of the need for gospel-minded believers in the marketplace,” Austin said. “From conversations in the break room to planning a marketing campaign, the gospel transforms how we think about those whom we serve and serve alongside, and I look forward to helping students as they learn to think in that way.”

David Bosch, coordinator for the Business Administration program at Boyce College, is delighted to welcome Austin to the faculty. He commended Austin’s ability to teach and her zeal for discipling the next generation of Christian leaders.

“Erin has a strong background in marketing, and her expertise is allowing us to launch our new Marketing Management emphasis,” Bosch said. “She is a gifted teacher and has already impacted our students. Most importantly, her love for the Lord is contagious. I am confident she will continue to be a valuable role model for our students as they use their knowledge, skills, and abilities in the marketplace for God’s glory.”

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