Bosch named to lead Boyce College business administration program

Communications Staff — June 10, 2015

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary recently named David Bosch as the new business administration professor for Boyce College.

Dan DeWitt, dean of Boyce College, expressed excitement for Bosch’s hire.

David Bosch will be the new business administration professor at Boyce College.
David Bosch will be the new business administration professor at Boyce College.

“We are thrilled to announce Dr. David Bosch as our newest faculty member at Boyce College, and as the director of our business administration program,” DeWitt said.

The four-year degree consists of 36 hours in biblical and theological studies, 33 hours of business studies, 15 hours of global studies, and 12 hours of ministry studies. It is designed to integrate business and missions, and will prepare students for three avenues: intercultural business, nonprofit organization efforts and local church administration.

For any students searching for a college with a solid business degree program, Bosch believes Boyce’s Business Administration program is a strong fit.

“I think students should strongly consider Boyce College and specifically the Business Administration program for two reasons,” he said. “First, at Boyce you will receive a strong biblical and theological education, which is foundational to any area of study and to all of life. Secondly, having a solid business education, which our program gives you, allows a student to make a real impact in the world.”

Randy Stinson, senior vice president of academic administration and provost of Southern Seminary, praised Bosch’s experience.

“Dr. Bosch brings a wealth of experience to the classroom, spiritually, academically, and on the field,” Stinson said. “Not only is he well-published, his time in Iraq doing business as mission fits perfectly with our degree program. He is exactly what we need to train our students to bring the gospel to the many unreached people groups around the world.”

DeWitt first learned of Bosch through his leadership at Asbury University and his leadership in the area of business as mission. Most recently, Bosch taught as an assistant professor of business management at Asbury University.

“Among the many things that impressed us about Bosch is the fact that, after completing his MBA at the University of Notre Dame, he and his family moved to the Middle East to do missions on a business platform,” DeWitt said. “While there, he taught business at a university in Iraq before moving back to the states to finish his doctorate.”

According to Bosch’s bio, he worked in Iraq for almost six years, starting and operating a business; providing management consulting services to small businesses; developing, organizing, and managing a women’s center offering English, computer, literacy, art, and health classes; teaching at the University of Dohuk in Iraq; and coordinating work with local field office staff, local government, the U.S. military, other nongovernmental organizations, and U.S. headquarters.

Bosch has previously worked for Fortune 500 companies in the areas of corporate finance, treasury, strategic planning, and supply chain management. Additionally, he has worked in compliance and financial planning for a regional bank, the investor-reporting department of an institutional real estate investment firm, and directing relief and development work in Central America.

Bosch received his MBA from the University of Notre Dame with concentrations in International Business and Corporate Finance. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Kentucky and his Ph.D. from Regent University. His research interests include the impact of personal values and spirituality on commercial and social entrepreneurship. He is a recipient of the Francis White Ewbank Award, Asbury’s highest honor for teaching.

Bosch began his new role on June 1 and will challenge the students to take the gospel into the business sector, DeWitt said.

“Bosch’s appointment comes at a perfect time as the program has now completed its first year and there is growing interest from current and prospective students,” DeWitt said. “I’m excited that our students will have the opportunity to learn from someone like David, who has a heart for the Lord, commitment to missions, and a real passion for teaching. It is our prayer that this program will serve as a catalyst for students to take the gospel to places where traditional missionaries are not allowed.”

Today’s students are concerned about issues of justice and poverty, Bosch said.

“How just is it that we have multiple opportunities to hear the gospel while others have not even heard it once? This degree will give students the ability to address this and other areas of injustice. Also, poverty is multifaceted. It is economic, social and spiritual in nature. A Business Administration degree from Boyce College will give students the ability to begin addressing the multi-faceted aspect of poverty around the world. I am excited to see how God uses Boyce graduates of the Business Administration program around the world, particularly areas of the world that are difficult for traditional missionaries to enter.”

Bosch comes to Louisville with his wife, Cynthia, and his two daughters, Natalia and Katherine.

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