October “Towers” looks at political models and voting priorities

Communications Staff — October 1, 2012

The October “Towers” is now on stands and online.

The 2012 presidential election is all anyone can talk about. It’s in the newspapers, blogs, social media and TV. As Christians, we feel an odd tension during elections. On one hand, we want to see families flourish. We want to see justice upheld. On the other hand, we recognize that the kingdom of Jesus, the kingdom to which we owe our allegiance, is not one ruled by an American president. Our hope rests in another land.

As U.S. citizens, with these tensions in mind, we want to steward well our opportunity to promote justice and human flourishing, and we want to maintain a system of government that does not compromise our allegiance to Jesus’ kingdom. In this issue of “Towers,” we look at three different perspectives of church-state relations and Denny Burk explains why he thinks the 2012 election requires Christians to be one-issue voters.

Inside the September issue, you’ll find an interview with Jonathan Pennington talking about his new bookReading the Gospels Wisely. And the “Towers” team provides a pictorial look at Southern Seminary’s Fall Festival 2012.

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