American Evangelicalism: The Controversies of Conservative Christianity in the Modern Age

An 8-week course with Dr. Albert Mohler exploring American Evangelicalism. This course will meet in person and also be streamed live and recorded for online students. Available to all graduate and undergraduate students.

Meeting Times: This course will meet together on Tuesdays & Thursdays from April 11 to May 4 in-person and online.

Course Times: 2:30-4:30 pm

Location: Norton 195

If you are not currently a student at Southern Seminary or Boyce College and want to take this unique opportunity and enroll in this course with Dr. Mohler, you can find more information about becoming a non-degree seeking student here.

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Course Description

Who are the evangelicals? What makes evangelicalism a movement and what is its place on the religious landscape? Are evangelicals winning or losing the culture? What are the essential doctrines of evangelicalism? And what about all these controversies?

Evangelicalism was born as an argument – a quite necessary argument. Given the complexities of the modern age, the controversies have continued. Just consider these: Biblical inerrancy, gender and sexuality, the limits of cooperation, eschatology and its implications, the church and the political order, abortion, homosexuality, war and peace, Bible translation, and the list goes on. What about evangelical feminism? What are the essentials of evangelical theology? Who decides who is and is not an evangelical? Are Southern Baptists evangelicals? Why is that even a serious question?

All these questions and more will be considered in this course. It will include a tour of evangelical history, a look at some of the most colorful characters of the last century, and a close review of the controversies that continue to shape the movement to this day. The course will combine church history, theology, Christian ethics, and apologetics. Get ready for an intellectual adventure.

Course Codes: TH315 (Boyce On-Campus), TH315WW (Boyce Online), 27177 (Southern On-Campus), 27177WW (Southern Online)

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