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A Lifetime of Faithfulness begins with an education that is Trusted for Truth

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The need to prepare for faithfulness in ministry has never been greater.

The Ministry Leaders of the next generation won’t need less theological training — they’ll need more. Anchored in God’s Word, our confessional heritage and commitment to biblical fidelity will prepare you to faithfully serve Christ and his church no matter what lies ahead.

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From President R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

The resources of Southern Seminary are leveraged for the purpose of training you for faithfulness.

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A faculty with

1,236 combined years of teaching experience
1,122 combined years of ministry experience
664 courses developed
362 books written
1GOAL To train ministers of the gospel to proclaim the name of Christ all over the world

The simplified M.Div.

Southern Seminary has introduced a new M.Div. to better prepare students for a lifetime of faithfulness.

Why Southern?

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In their own words

“The Lord used my time at SBTS as a divinity and doctoral student to shape my thinking and my life in preparation for ministry in the local church and now in a missions organization that exists to serve the local church. The impact of my years on Southern’s campus upon my character, ministry, and walk with the Lord could not be overstated, nor could my gratitude for those years.”

Paul Chitwood
President, International Mission Board
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In their own words

“My time at Southern was deeply formative in preparing me for future ministry both as a mom and ministry leader in the church. It prepared me to study the text for myself and gave me the tools I needed to teach the Bible in whatever context God provided for me. I’ve been able to use my training at Southern around the dinner table in answering hard Bible questions from my boys. I’ve also been able to use the research strategies I learned in my classes to write books and resources for the broader church. Not an ounce of it was wasted. I’m forever grateful for my time here!”

Courtney Reissig
Author and Speaker
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In their own words

“My time at Southern Seminary was formative when it comes to my ministry in the local church. Southern gave me a set of tools that helped me study and teach the Bible, and Southern gave me a set of relationships that continue to guide me as I pursue my God-given responsibilities.”

Jimmy Scroggins
Lead Pastor, Family Church

In their own words

“The faculty of Southern gave my wife and I one of the greatest, joy-filled, and edifying experiences of our lives. We were certainly prepared by the faculty at Southern for the challenges and great joys of ministry. But, honestly, our memories focus on how the faculty modeled lives lived in light of the gospel. We loved our professors, and they loved us too.”

Zach Carter
Pastor, Redeemer Church Huntsville
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Our Mission

Under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, the mission of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is to be totally committed to the Bible as the Word of God, to the Great Commission as our mandate, and to be a servant of the churches of the Southern Baptist Convention by training, educating, and preparing ministers of the gospel for more faithful service.

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Our Conviction

From its inception, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has been a confessional institution founded upon the Abstract of Principles. The Abstract is signed by every faculty member who pledges to teach “in accordance with and not contrary to all that is contained therein.” This pledge remains unchanged since 1859. It is what makes us Trusted for Truth.

Southern Seminary is Committed to Preparing You to Advance the Truth of God’s Word in a Challenging World

The Church is facing unprecedented challenges as secularism, declining religious institutions, and increasing polarization are just a few of the obstacles that we must overcome. But these challenges also present an opportunity for the gospel to shine brightly as an alternative to the lies of the world. Southern Seminary remains a trusted source of theological education that will prepare you to advance the truth of God’s Word in these challenging times, preparing you with the knowledge and skills you need for today’s ministry.

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A Trusted Education is more affordable than you think.

Are you ready to become a pastor, counselor, or church leader who is Trusted for Truth?