“The Albert Mohler Program” live greeted with enthusiastic turnout at SBC

Communications Staff — June 17, 2008

Fans of the “Albert Mohler Program” had the opportunity to see as well as hear the radio show during the 2008 annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The nationally syndicated program, hosted by Southern Seminary President R. Albert Mohler Jr., broadcast live from the seminary’s booth at the SBC June 9-11.

On Monday, the program examined the topic of truth on college campuses and in the church, on Tuesday, it addressed the crisis of Christian ethics, and the final day of the live broadcast was “Ask Anything Wednesday.”

Each day, the seating area in Southern’s booth quickly filled up and dozens more stood and listened to the broadcast.. Mohler said having a live audience in front of him as he spoke to radio listeners added a refreshing dynamic to the program.

“Radio is a very personal medium, but it is voice to ear,” Mohler said. “It’s good once in a while to have a live studio audience where you actually get to see the people to whom you are speaking. I have been privileged to speak to millions on the radio and you know they are out there and you take phone calls, but this adds a very different dynamic.

“We took questions from the audience for ‘Ask Anything Wednesday,’ and we got great questions—more than we could answer. We’ve done town halls in Louisville and we’ll be doing them some more, but doing them on the floor of the Southern Baptist Convention, that’s something new and it was quite a thrill.”

“The Albert Mohler Program” is a one-hour talk show broadcast live every weekday at 5:00 pm Eastern Time on more than 60 Salem Radio Network stations, on XM radio 170 and streamed on the Internet. The show is devoted to engaging contemporary culture with the biblical truth. Audio from the June 9-11 broadcasts is available.

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