SBTS Hires New Director for Hispanic Online Program

Communications Staff — July 23, 2021

Roberto Carrera has been named director for Online Hispanic Program (OHP) at Southern Seminary. Southern serves an increasingly global and diverse network of churches—making OHP a critical avenue for delivering theological education to Hispanic leaders.

SBTS President Albert Mohler said the Hispanic program is important to the seminary’s mission, particularly since the destructive weeds of prosperity theology have grown widely across the spiritual landscape of the Spanish-speaking world.

“The Spanish-speaking world is on Southern Seminary’s heart, and we see both a great opportunity and a great responsibility,” Mohler said. “Prosperity theology and other challenges have made significant inroads into the Hispanic world. At the same time, there is an incredible, even unprecedented openness to the gospel and we are excited to establish partnerships with pastors and churches who we see as the crucial leaders for an awakening of Christ’s church in the Spanish-speaking world.”

Brian Renshaw, associate vice president for the Global Campus, is thrilled to see Carrera move into the new role.

“After a full search for the new director of the Online Hispanic Program, it was confirmed that Roberto, with his vision, administrative skills, and experience as the associate director, was the right individual to be promoted and lead the program to continue to equip Hispanic leaders to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to North America and Latin America.”

Carrera’s promotion is the right fit for Southern partly because he’s been involved with SBTS since 2011—completing his MDiv in 2016 and starting a PhD in Old Testament the same year under Peter Gentry. Carrera has worked for OHP since December 2019.

Hispanic Online collaborates with institutions and leaders by providing theological education in Latin America. With high quality dubbing and contextualization, students can learn in their own language with the quality and depth that characterizes SBTS professors.

Southern has a history of leading efforts in Spanish theological education and is one of the few institutions accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) approved to offer MA and MDiv degrees fully in Spanish. Five years into the program, OHP has graduated 26 MDiv students and five with a master of arts in theological studies. As of July 2021, 754 students are enrolled.

Carrera is excited to use his new position to fulfill the Great Commission.

“The Online Hispanic Program is uniquely positioned to equip men and women for gospel ministry cross-culturally. It is a powerful Great Commission tool. I’m grateful and humbled for the opportunity to step into this new role. My aim is that it may continue to flourish for the sake of kingdom and God’s glory.”

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