SBTS author invites women to Pull Up a Chair and study the Gospel of John

Communications Staff — June 23, 2008

Women have a natural desire to chat and fellowship, and now they can channel that desire to study the biblical book of John, according to a new book by Lorie Looney Keene, a women’s ministry leader at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

In “Pull Up a Chair” (New Hope Publishers), Keene guides women through a 21-week group study of John’s Gospel. Each week participants read one chapter of John along with a brief study of the chapter and answer questions. Then participants meet together to discuss the study.

“As women, we love to chat, socialize, and share stories,” Keene writes. “This study is designed to encourage women to do these things, through pulling up a chair weekly for a time of discussion, introspection, and fellowshipping over the Gospel of John. Pull Up a Chair is not intended to be an exhaustive study of the Gospel of John but rather an overall look at the main topics and themes John reveals in each chapter.”

Keene, who serves as associate director of women’s programs at Southern, said she wrote the study because John allows Christians to examine the life and purpose of Jesus.

“The Scriptures inform us that unless a person has a personal relationship with Jesus, he or she cannot have a relationship with God the Father (John 3:17-18),” she writes. “If the choice between eternal condemnation and an eternal relationship with a Holy God lies in one’s understanding of God’s Son, Jesus, then knowing more about Him is extremely important.”

Each chapter of the book breaks into several sections the corresponding chapter of John, providing commentary and asking questions related to each section. The book also tells stories of people sharing God’s Word with others and points readers to applicable Scriptures in other books of the Bible. Each chapter concludes with questions for personal reflection.

All of the book’s teaching assumes that the Bible is inerrant and totally authoritative for every area of life, Keene writes.

“The premise of this study is the foundational trust that the Scriptures are the inspired Word of God, written by men who were divinely led by God,” she writes. “As a result of this belief, every word contained in the Scriptures is therefore accepted as truth. This truth is the measure to which we are called to compare our lives.”

The study is intended for both Christians and non-Christians, Keene writes, adding that it will encourage the faith of believers and show non-believers how they can enjoy eternal salvation in Christ.

“If you currently do not know Christ, my prayer is that you will allow the words of these Scriptures to open your heart and mind to His truth,” she writes. “You are loved with an everlasting love.

“You were created to know and walk with Christ. You are invaluable to the Father. Know Him. Love Him. Walk with Him. Share Him.”

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