Mohler begins new Q&A podcast: ‘Ask Anything: Weekend Edition’

Communications Staff — January 31, 2014

Mohler broadcaster“Ask Anything: Weekend Edition,” a new weekly segment of R. Albert Mohler Jr.’s “The Briefing” podcast, will launch Sat., Feb. 1, bringing back a popular feature of the former “The Albert Mohler Program” radio show that allowed listeners to pose questions to the theologian, author and broadcaster.

“Ever since the end of the Albert Mohler program, I’ve received many requests for a return to something like ‘Ask Anything Wednesday,’” said Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

The “Ask Anything Wednesday” feature was held each week during Mohler’s former daily, live radio show, which aired nationally 2004-2010 over the Salem Radio Network. He discontinued the radio show to begin in 2010 “The Briefing” podcast, a daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview perspective.

Mohler noted the callers’ questions on “Ask Anything Wednesday” were wide-ranging and “it was a lot of fun.” Although “The Briefing” podcast — together with his interview podcast, “Thinking in Public” — “serves our constituency better” than live radio, “I missed ‘Ask Anything Wednesday,’” Mohler said.

“I am looking forward to doing ‘Ask Anything: Weekend Edition,’ and I am looking forward to the questions,” he said after recording the first episode in which he answers questions about “word of faith” teaching, social media obsession, dating denominationally, surrogacy and the doctrine of election.

Each Saturday, Mohler will answer questions posed by listeners who call 877-505-2058 to record queries about theology, the Bible or current events. Each episode is expected to air three to six questions from listeners, and will total about 18 minutes in length, which is comparable to the length of “The Briefing.” Subscribers to “The Briefing” will automatically get “Ask Anything: Weekend Edition.” Mohler’s podcasts are available via iTunes, RSS feed and e-mail.

Mohler’s other podcast, “Thinking in Public,” features occasional interviews with leading intellectual figures in the fields of theology, history, politics and culture. Guests have included former president Jimmy Carter, professor Harvey Mansfield and author Charles Murray.

Mohler’s podcasts are available on his popular website,, where his widely read blog also resides. According to a recent analysis of the “100 Top Christian Blogs,” Mohler’s blog is the sixth most popular.

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