Mohler appoints CBMW leader as dean of leadership school

Communications Staff — August 24, 2006

Acknowledging the importance of family ministry, R. Albert Mohler Jr. has announced the appointment of Randy Stinson as the new dean of the School of Leadership and Church Ministry at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Mohler, president of Southern Seminary, said Stinson’s experience in family ministry as executive director of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, has uniquely prepared him to be the leadership school’s next dean.

“Randy Stinson is that rare combination of person and professor, minister and teacher who will give superb leadership to this school for the future with thankfulness for all of the leadership that we have had for so many years, building on what [former deans] Dennis Williams, Brad Waggoner and others have done,” he said.

“Stinson will bring a new dimension by focusing on family ministry as the touchstone structure for educational ministry in the church. We think this is the direction that our churches really need and want and there is a great vacuum in evangelical theological education for such a program.”

Russell Moore, vice president of academic administration and dean of the School of Theology at Southern, agreed that Stinson’s background in family-related ministry, as well as his character and commitment to the local church make him the natural choice for the position.

“I am excited about Randy Stinson’s emphasis on family-integrated ministry, his commitment to local church ministry, his leadership experience and his insight into the crucial issues facing Southern Baptists,” Moore said.

“On a personal level, Randy Stinson is like a brother to me. I‘ve been able to see, up close, the kind of visionary, godly leader he is in his home, in his church and in the world. I look forward to serving with him at Southern Seminary as he builds on the outstanding legacy of this school.”

Stinson described the appointment as the “opportunity of a lifetime,” and said he looks forward to helping prepare students for local church ministry.

“This position fits with my call as a minister of the Gospel and it fits with my personal commitments to marriage, family, children’s ministry and youth ministry,” he said.

“I am primarily excited about the opportunity to have an impact on the churches of the Southern Baptist Convention at the educational level because I think we can impact the way ministry is done in these churches. I think we can have an influence on the students who will come through this school on their road of ministry.”

Stinson earned his master of divinity from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and his Ph.D. from Southern. He succeeds Brad Waggoner, who served as dean for five years before becoming the director of LifeWay research at LifeWay Christian Resources in July. Stinson said he looks forward to building on Waggoner’s work at Southern.

“I have already met with the faculty of the leadership school as a group and several individually and I am really excited about building on the foundation that Brad Waggoner left,” he said. “The leadership school at Southern Seminary has the opportunity to help change the way various family ministries are done in Southern Baptist churches.”

Having wise mentors, observing Christian families and leading CBMW have all impacted Stinson and will shape his service as dean of the school of leadership, he said.

“I have had a lot of good mentors and pastors, and at the same time some real heartbreaking observations that I have noticed in Christian families everywhere I have been,” he said.

“Those things have impacted my vigilance with my own family and have given me a heavy burden for Christian families in general. My experiences in leading CBMW have also heightened my commitment for the need to reach men with the Gospel and provide biblical outlets for women’s ministry.”

Stinson began serving as executive director of CBMW in 2001 and said that he will continue to oversee the directional leadership of the organization. However, Stinson said a person will be appointed in the near future to carry out the daily administrative responsibilities of the position.

Mohler said the warm welcome Stinson has already received as dean points to the impact he can have in the school of leadership.

“The enthusiastic support this appointment has received from faculty and students from that school already is one sign, I think, of the potential that lies before Stinson as dean of the school of leadership,” he said.

“Stinson’s experience as executive director of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, his extensive teaching and writing … all of this puts him in an incredible position to give this school the leadership it needs.”

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