Abel preached “the only sermon that has never been preached,” Michael Youssef tells SBTS audience

Communications Staff — November 5, 2007

By offering a sacrifice that was pleasing to the Lord, Abel gave the greatest sermon that was never preached, noted pastor and author Michael Youssef said during a chapel service Oct. 30 at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Hebrews 11:4 says the sermon of Abel, thought not preached, still preaches today by pointing people to the only way of salvation: through faith in Christ alone, he said. Youssef is the founding pastor of Church of the Apostles in Atlanta, Ga., and is host of “Leading the Way,” a radio program heard on hundreds of stations daily across the globe.

“Why was the Abel’s sacrifice accepted and not Cain’s? The answer is really more simple than you think. Abel wanted to worship God God’s way, but Cain wanted to worship God Cain’s way. Abel trusted in God’s plan for his life, but Cain trusted the consultants and the experts.

“We have no evidence that Abel was any more perfect than Cain. In fact, every evidence from Scripture indicates that both were conceived after sin had entered into the heart of mom and dad—Adam and Eve. Both had the same sin nature and both had the same inclination toward sin and disobedience. Both knew there was a right way and a wrong way to relate to God. Cain decided to worship God his own way, but Abel worshiped God’s way.”

Youssef said Abel’s one-verse sermon in Hebrews demonstrates three eternal Gospel truths:
· Man can only come to God by faith, and not by works.
· Man must accept God’s revelation and not his own wisdom for salvation.
· Obedience will be rewarded and rebellion will be judged.

“This is the only sermon that will endure for all of time and eternity,” Youssef said. Sermon audio for Youssef’s message is available at www.sbts.edu.

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