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Exercise: Is There Any Spiritual Value To It?
by Michael T. Graham Jr. – Nov 7

Does our physical body impact our spiritual body? Is there anyway to make physical activity spiritual? David Mathis addresses these very questions in an article entitled, Do You Exercise Like a Nonbeliever?. In this article he suggests two ways to change exercise from merely […]


Six Reasons to Pray the Bible

Why pray the Bible? 1. You’ll pray biblically-saturated, biblically-shaped prayers. This means you’ll have greater assurance that you’re praying the will of God. The Bible makes plain (in 1 John 5:14-15 specifically) that we must pray according to the will of God if we expect him to answer. Can you have any greater assurance that […]

— Aug 4

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Life: How Do You Keep It From Becoming A Vain Chasing After The Wind?
by Michael T. Graham Jr. – Oct 31

As you consider your life, what is it that drives you each day? What is it that keeps you joyful as you become more aware of the reality that life is but a vapor that appears for moment and then fades away?  The obvious answer […]
Reformation: Do I Really Need to Keep Rehashing The Same Old Thing?
by Michael T. Graham Jr. – Oct 28


As we approach October 31st and the 499th year since Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses to the door of the Wittenberg Castle church, one is compelled to ask, is it still important to continue to rehearse this event in Church History?  The short answer to […]

What Does The Canon Have To Do With The New Testament?
by Michael T. Graham Jr. – Oct 20

Now, you may be thinking, what does a large black weapon used in war have to do with the New Testament? Nothing, that would be spelled cannon, and I am talking about the canon.  Canon is a loan word from Latin, and the Latin language borrowed […]
Who Determines the Level of Joy in a Home?
by Michael T. Graham Jr. – Oct 19
What makes a home a place where your family is happy to be?  How can you create more joy in your home?  David Mathis answers these questions in an article entitled, “Happy Daddy, Happy Home.” In this article […]
Parents, Should “No” Always Mean “No”?
by Michael T. Graham Jr. – Oct 14

As a parent I find it very difficult at times to know when it is appropriate to change your mind after telling a child “no.” In an article entitled, “Parents, Let Your ‘No’ Be ‘No’,”  Sam Crabtree address this very issue.  In the article he […]
How Do You Have Joy That Will Never Fade?
by Michael T. Graham Jr. – Oct 10

One thing that all humanity shares is the desire to experience joy and happiness.  However, for the vast majority of humanity this is never fully realized if realized at all.  One reason for this is because all humanity also shares the common experience of suffering […]