Evangelical Theological Society: Nov. 14-16, 2023

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This year a number of students and faculty from Southern Seminary and Boyce College will be presenting papers at the 75th annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society to be held in San Antonio, TX.

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Southern Seminary ETS
Late Night

Wednesday, November 15th
Republic ABC at the Grand Hyatt
600 E. Market St.
San Antonio, TX 78205

ETS 2023 Southern Baptist Theological Seminary &
Boyce College Participants

Tuesday, November 14th

TimeSessionPresenterPaper Title
9:00 AM-9:40 AMChristianity and Culture Scarlett Clay Bahnsen goes to the Gallery: A Presuppositional Response to Anselm Kiefer’s “Sternenfall”
9:00 AM-9:40 AMTheological AnthropologyMichael CarlinoThe Imago Dei Shapes the Visio Dei: Bavinck’s Covenantal Formulation of the Beatific Vision
9:00 AM-9:40 AMTheological AnthropologyAaron LewisToward a Theological Theology of Trauma
9:50 AM-10:30 AMHebrew LanguageZhengguang WuValidating the Accentual Division in Three Cases That were Understood as Masoretic Errors
9:50 AM-10:30 AMHebrew LanguageTimothy K. BeougherTake Heed unto Yourselves’: Richard Baxter’s Admonitions for Pastoral Holiness
9:50 AM-10:30 AMSystematic TheologyKyle D. ClaunchThe Inseparable Operations of the Trinity and the Divine Son’s Human Experience of the Spirit
10:20 AM-10:50 AMChristian Nationalisms in Christian HistoryJohn WilseyPeace and Freedom: Progressive Christianity, American Exceptionalism, and John Foster Dulles
10:30 AM-11:00 AMDialogue with Matthew Barrett’s Reformation as RenewalMichael A.G. HaykinThe Catholicity of 17th-Century Particular Baptist Trinitarianism
10:40 AM-11:20 AMNew TestamentRay A. UmphreyFoolish Givers and the Father’s Gift: An Exegetical Case for Intentional Unity in Matthew 7:6-11
10:40 AM-11:20 AMOld TestamentJohn J. BakerA Prophet Within and Against His Context: The Techniques and Purpose of Ezekiel’s Prophecy
10:40 AM-11:20 AMSystematic TheologyThomas J. SculthorpeHe Makes Her Desert Like the Garden of Yahweh: Isaac’s Birth as Resurrection from Death
11:30 AM-12:10 AMChristianity and CultureTimothy Paul JonesDoing Civic Good without Bowing to Civic Gods: Second-Century Apologetics as Cultural Catechesis
11:30 AM-12:10 AMHebrew LanguageKaspars OzolinsFacilitating L2 Input in Biblical Hebrew Pedagogy
2:00 PM – 2:40 PMSystematic TheologyAaron D. BatdorfThe Priesthood of All Believers in Ecclesiological Development
2:00 PM-2:40 PMBioethics & Theological AnthropologyGregg R. AllisonTheology of Human Embodiment: The Social Body, the Sexual Body, and Implications for Bioethics
2:00 PM-2:40 PMTheological AnthropologyAli MatiWhat a Human Person is; Continuity and Discontinuity in Christianity and Ubuntu Metaphysics
2:00 PM-2:40 PMChurch HistoryCory D. Higdon“A Conscience Rightly Informed”: John Cotton and the Theology of Religious Establishment
2:50 PM-3:30 PMSystematic TheologyBrian VickersSpirituality’s Vital Principle: Holiness in the Theology of Samuel Davies
2:50 PM-3:30 PMTheological AnthropologyJacob B. PercyA Creation Essentialist Framework for God-Honoring Gender Expression
3:40 PM-4:20 PMNew TestamentShane FolksThe Apostle Paul in Classical Qur’anic Exegesis
3:40 PM-4:20 PMTheological AnthropologyDenny BurkDoes ‘One-Flesh’ Mean Conjugal Union or Merely Fictive Kinship?
3:40 PM-4:20 PMPsalms and Hebrew PoetryJunyong ParkDefining the Enemy in the Individual Lament Psalms as the Unscrupulous Exploiter
4:30 PM-5:10 PMOld TestamentNicholas J. CampbellCovenant and Confession: Contrasting Shecaniah’s Covenant and Ezra’s Confession in Ezra 10
4:30 PM-5:10 PMTheological AnthropologyGracilynn J. HansonEstablishing a Framework for Female-Gendered Embodiment
4:30 PM-5:10 PMTheological AnthropologyNicholas AbrahamPraying as Lost Sinners: Andrew Fuller’s Edwardsean Anthropology and the Practice of Prayer

Wednesday, November 15th

TimeSessionPresenterPaper Title
8:30 AM-9:10 AMBiblical WorshipJim HamiltonFrom Cast Down Soul to the City of the Great King: Worship and the Flow of Thought in Psalms 42-49
9:20 AM-10:00 AMPuritan Theology in Post-Reformation ContextShawn D. WrightThe Pastor’s Principle Usefulness According to John Owen: Applying the Gospel from Psalm 130
9:20 AM-10:00 AMOld Testament Narrative LiteratureJonathan AhlgrenAllegiance to David: The Characterization of Jonathan, Abigail, and Abner
9:20 AM-10:00 AMHermenuticsGregg R. AllisonThe Illumination of the Holy Spirit for the Interpretation of Scripture as Affected by the Fall
9:50 AM-10:20 AMChristianity and IslamAmos LukaMuhammad Yusuf’s Theological Views: Understanding Tripartite Salafism in Boko Haram
10:10 AM-10:50 AMTheological AnthropologyJeremy JessenSystematic Spirituality Revisited: J.I. Packer’s Practical Theology as Educational Model
3:15 PM-3:55 PMOld TestamentDuane A. GarrettThe Meaning of Psalm 68:18 (MT 68:19) and Its Use in Ephesians 4:8-9
3:15 PM-3:55 PMChurch HistoryAyman IbrahimWas Muhammad really a descendant of Abraham? Is Islam an Abrahamic Religion?
3:15 PM-3:55 PMScriptural Use of ScriptureJim HamiltonTypology and Authorial Intent: The Latter Necessary for the Validity of the Former
4:05 PM-4:45 PMChurch HistoryHannah TurrillThe Wound of Grief: Stoicism and Grief in Augustine’s City of God
4:05 PM-4:45 PMTheological AnthropologyBrian Wagers IIGregory of Nazianzus’s 10 Christological Commandments In Epistle 101
4:55 PM-5:35 PMTheological AnthropologyLaura-Lee AlfordTrauma and Psychosomatic Unity of the Imago Dei
4:55 PM-5:35 PMNew TestamentJ. Benjamin HussungMercy as Righteous Virtue in Matthew’s Narrative
5:45 PM-6:25 PMTheology and MissionsJ. Keith McKinleyDefining the Missionary Mission in Romans 15:14-24
5:45 PM-6:25 PMEvangelicalism in the Long Eighteenth CenturyMatthew D. Haste“An Infinite Variety of Beauties”: Anne Dutton’s Colorful Reflections on the Glory of Christ
5:45 PM-6:25 PMChurch HistoryTom HolsteenThe Sea-Journey Metaphor and Augustine’s Critical Appropriation of Platonism in His Early Works

Thursday, November 16th

TimeSessionPresenterPaper Title
1:00 PM-1:40 PMTheological AnthropologyHunter T. HindsmanThe Dignifying Function of the Logos Spermatikos in Justin Martyr’s Theological Anthropology
1:00 PM-1:40 PMChurch HistoryAlex Moore“Acceptable in the Sight of the One Who Made Us”: The Restoration of Created Identity in 1 Clem
1:00 PM-1:40 PMTheological AnthropologyNicholas R. ClarkRevive Us Again: A Case Study of Asbury University and the Role of Man in Revival
1:50 PM-2:30 PMChristian History and Thought since 1700Anthony S. G. BaldwinSati and Juggernaut Beyond Claudius Buchanan: Missionary Perspectives of Hindu Ritual Suicide
2:20 PM-3:00 PMEarly Christian Theology in Protestant ThoughtMichael A.G. Haykin“Spiritum sanctum adoramus”: The Ontology of the Spirit in Theodore of Mopsuestia
3:30 PM-4:10 PMTheological AnthropologyKha DoSinging the Self: Theological Anthropology, Identity-Formation, and Biblical Worship

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