Master of Theology (Th.M.)

The Master of Theology (Th.M.) program provides the opportunity for students to broaden and deepen their knowledge in a particular area of concentration, advancing beyond their M.Div. education in further preparation for ministry and/or future doctoral studies.

Consisting of 25 total credit hours, the Th.M. program allows students to pursue the degree path that best serves their long-term goals (whether pastoral, academic, or some combination) by providing flexibility in the following areas:

  • Mode of Delivery – Course offerings in online, modular, and residential format
  • Graduate or Doctoral Level – Any combination of advanced graduate-level and/or doctoral-level courses
  • Optional Thesis – The option to complete a written thesis (with approval)


Transfer Credit

Students who later pursue Ph.D. studies at SBTS may also transfer 12 hours of Th.M. coursework (Foundations for Theological Studies, Graduate Research Seminar, and up to 2 Ph.D. seminars) into the Ph.D. program upon acceptance.


Program Curriculum

81020 Graduate Research Seminar 2
81260 Foundations for Theological Studies 2
44560 Supervised Research Experience 2
81900 Guided Mentorship 1
Advanced graduate-level electives* and/or PhD seminars 18
Total Program Requirements 25 total credit hours
  • For a list of eligible electives in each concentration, click here.

Areas of Concentration

Students in the Th.M. program pursue a concentration (12 credit hours or more) in one of the following specialized areas:

  • Biblical Studies
  • Historical and Theological Studies
  • Philosophy and Theological Studies
  • Practical Theology
  • Theological Studies (modular format only)

Modular Th.M.

For students who are interested in a completely modular-format program with an interdisciplinary focus, the Modular Th.M. program with a concentration in Theological Studies offers the following curriculum, designed to be completed in 5 semesters:

Foundations for Theological Studies 2 credit hours
Graduate Research Seminar 2 credit hours
Old Testament Seminar 4 credit hours
New Testament Seminar 4 credit hours
Church History Seminar 4 credit hours
Systematic Theology Seminar 4 credit hours
Thesis Proposal 1 credit hour
Thesis Research and Writing 4 credit hours
Total Program Hours 25 credit hours

Learning Outcomes

  • The student will be able to plan research in an area of specialization and, where appropriate, will relate the work to the larger context of theological study.
  • The student will be able to conduct research using standard scholarly tools and methods.
  • The student will be able to communicate the results of his/her research effectively.
  • The student will be able to demonstrate an advanced understanding of an area of specialization.


Admission Requirements


  • An M.Div. or equivalent (72 credit hours minimum in specific disciplines) for all degrees with the exception of Practical Theology, which requires an M.A. (61 hours minimum in specific disciplines).*
  • A master’s-level cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • An academic paper (10-15 pages) from previous graduate-level coursework within your area of concentration (if possible)

*To request an equivalency review based on your master’s level work, please submit a request for a Doctoral Equivalency Report.

TOEFL (International Applicants)

For applicants whose native language is not English, an official score report not more than three years old on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required prior to admission. Applicants must score at least 90.

Rolling Admission

The Admissions and Research Doctoral Studies Offices process Th.M. applications continuously throughout the year. However, applicants should allow up to 4 weeks from the time all materials are submitted to receive decision letters and begin classes. Thus, we recommend targeting the following submission dates to ensure that students are able to register and begin classes in their desired term:

  • Fall Term – July 1
  • Winter/Spring Term – November 1
  • Summer Term – May 1

These dates are especially important for students who intend to take courses online, since online terms may begin earlier than on-campus semesters.

Modular Master of Theology (Th.M.)

  • Fall Term – June 1
  • Spring Term – November 1

Start Your Application

Click here to begin your online application. Our Admissions Team will assist you in submitting the materials listed below through the online portal.


Program Fees

Master of Theology

$1,000 down payment
$1,000 annual continuation fee (if program exceeds 18 months)
Program Fee for SBC students (balance due equally over 18 months)  $8,960
Program Fee for non-SBC students (balance due equally over 18 months)   $15,231

Master of Theology – Theological Studies (Modular)

$1,000 down payment
$1,000 annual continuation fee (if program exceeds 30 months)
Program Fee for SBC students (balance due equally over 30 months) $9,241
Program Fee for non-SBC students (balance due equally over 30 months)   $15,709