Leading Your Organization Does Not Begin With You

Executive leadership must be founded upon rightly oriented self-leadership. But that doesn’t mean success originates with you, the pastor, or the president of the company. It centers on God.

Justin Irving, Professor of Leadership at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, says organizational heads must rightly prioritize God in their personal lives before they can most effectively lead others in their professional lives.

Six Questions for Leaders

Dr. Irving asks leaders he mentors a series of self-evaluation questions that demonstrate how people managing others are leading themselves. See how you do:

Spiritual Dimension

Are you prioritizing your relationship with God?

Emotional Dimension

Do you know what your emotions tell you about your approach to life and leadership?

Relational Dimension

Do you have mentors and coaches who support you in your role as a leader?

Physical Dimension

Do you regularly find time to eat, rest well, and exercise appropriately?

Intellectual Dimension

Are you making time to read, learn, reflect, and think creatively?

Practical Dimension

Who most often manages your time: you or the tyranny of the urgent?

Learn to lead more effectively in your context

Southern Seminary offers Doctor of Ministry concentrations in two areas of leadership designed to strengthen you and the organization you lead.

D.Min. in Church Leadership

Designed for Pastors, and those they lead

Develop your leadership ability by studying areas like:
  • Ecclesiology
  • Leading Change
  • Effective Leadership in the Local Church

D.Min. in Executive Leadership

Designed for Executive Pastors and Non-profit leaders

Develop your leadership ability by studying areas like:
  • Leading Change
  • Effective Leadership in Non-Profits
  • Legal and Financial Issuses

Our professors are practitioners as well as scholars.

You’ll study with faculty who have significant experience in academia and ministry who will lead you to produce scholarship for the church globally, and for your church specifically.

Meet our faculty
Pastor preaching

In their own words

“Looking back on the educational opportunities that I experienced, my D.Min. degree has proven to be the one where I received the most practical pastoral training. I am forever indebted to the professors who poured their lives into mine and helped me become a stronger leader and pastor.”

Kevin Ezell
President, North American Mission Board
Preacher in the pulpit

In their own words

“God used my time at Southern Seminary to help shape my walk with him and ministry to His people. My professors at SBTS were great teachers, gifted writers, and trusted theologians but what impacted me the most was their godly example. I listened to their lectures and learned from their assignments, but the greatest and most significant impact came from the way the lived their lives. I am thankful that God allowed me to sit under leaders of this caliber and grateful for the continuing legacy of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.”

Todd Gray
Executive Director, Kentucky Baptist Convention

Are you ready to become a pastor, counselor, or church leader who is Trusted for Truth?