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The Writing Center prepares students to engage the world skillfully as ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The center offers professional writing assistance to all students free of charge. Our mission is to help students communicate gospel truths clearly and effectively.
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More than a simple proof-reading service, the Writing Center seeks to equip students with the tools they need to communicate well. Please allow at least 2—3 business days for your paper’s review.

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The Writing Center assists writers of all levels and reviews papers in all stages of development. You may request an appointment outside of regular posted hours if needed by emailing us. Get one-on-one writing coaching by scheduling an appointment here.

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Helpful Tips and Guides

Find the research and writing resources you need

The Writing Center strives towards making better communicators. We have available to you a page of resources, a master calendar of Writing Center events, a blog that offers writing tips, and more!

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What is The Writing Center?

Become a better writer

Students may bring drafts of any assignment to the Writing Center for help with content or mechanics. Because writing is a process, we welcome students at any stage, from choosing a topic to polishing a final draft.  The Writing Center seeks not only to assist students with specific assignments but also to help them become better writers, able to communicate biblical truth with clarity and power. We also have ample resources for you to use. Need to know how to locate those resources? See this guide.


Location and Hours

Writing Center – Boyce Library, Room 225
(Note: Only on Zoom for Summer 2021)

Summer 2021 Hours

Monday: 9:00am-1:00pm

Tuesday: 11:00am-4:00pm

Wednesday: 12:00pm-4:00pm

Thursday: 9:00am-1:00pm

Friday: 11:00am-4:00pm

Email to schedule an appointment outside of our regular hours.

Upcoming Workshops

Attending a Writing Center workshop can help you plan and draft a book review, learn how to use the Southern Seminary Manual of Style, and strengthen your research paper, paragraph, or sentence organization. Participate in activities that sharpen your writing and grammar mechanics. Check the schedule below to find one to attend!


Spring Workshops 2021

Workshop Title location description leader Session

Writing Quality Book Reviews

  Zoom Learn how to write quality book reviews, including sections like critical evaluations, per the SBTS Manual of Style.

Michael Woodall

Thurs Feb 11


Writing Quality Position Papers (Part 1)

  Zoom Learn how to write Part 1 of the Position Papers (formerly, known as QEP) for Systematic Theology I, II, and III.

Torey Teer

Thurs Feb 18


Structure and Spontaneity: Framing a Paper to Help the Reader

  Zoom Spontaneous expression is most powerful within a defined structure. This workshop will help you learn the essentials of structuring a paper so that your research, argument, and personal style can shine.

Michael Woodall

Thurs Feb 25


SBTS Style Frequently Asked Questions

  Zoom Learn more about how to navigate SBTS style and how to efficiently use Writing Center templates.

Torey  Teer

Thurs March 4


Molding Mud: How to Craft Effective Academic Paragraphs

  Zoom Learn a time-tested approach to paragraph form, content, and structure.

Michael Woodall

Thurs March 11


Facts & Footnotes: Putting Your Research to Good Use

  Zoom Come with any questions you have regarding Southern Seminary Manual of Style, how to cite a work, or properly insert a citation into your paper.

Michael Woodall

Thurs March 18


Writing Quality Position Papers (Part 2)

Zoom Learn how to write Part 2 of the Position Papers (formerly, known as QEP) for Systematic Theology I, II, and III.

Torey Teer

Thurs March 25


Intro and Conclusions: How to Effectively Begin and End Your Papers

  Zoom Learn best practices for writing your introduction and conclusion.

Torey Teer

Thurs April 1


The Sentence and How to Use It

  Zoom Learn how to avoid comma splices, fragments, and other common errors, along with more advanced ideas for improving your writing on the sentence level.

Michael Woodall

Thurs April 15