Southern Seminary Online (SSO) courses can be applied to any masters program that requires that particular course. The courses available have been carefully selected to fit the requirements of the many programs here at Southern. A limited number of elective courses are also offered.

Listed below are the current and future Southern Seminary Online course offerings. Check this Academic Records page for semester registration and start dates. For more about the two sub-terms in both fall and spring semesters, follow this  8-Week Terms link.

The online course schedule is subject to change and Southern Seminary reserves the right to cancel any course due to insufficient enrollment. 

Fall and Winter Online Courses (2020-2021)

Fall 2: 8-week online courses

October 5 - November 29

20220ww: Old Testament II
22220ww: New Testament II
22790ww: Greek Exegesis: Revelation
25120ww: Church History II
26200ww: Southern Baptist Heritage and Mission
27070ww: Systematic Theology II
27820ww: Theology of the New Testament
28700ww: Christian Apologetics
29250ww: Survey of Christian Ethics
30177ww: Preaching and Preachers in Modern Evangelicalism
32100ww: Personal Evangelism
33820ww: Intro to Church Planting
34300ww: Intro to Biblical Counseling
34325ww: The Care of the Souls in the Congregation
34330ww: Typical Problems in Biblical Counseling
40080ww: Christian Leadership
40200ww: The Worshipping Church
40301ww: Pastoral Ministry

Winter 2020: 8-week online courses

November 30 - January 31

20200ww: Introduction to the Old Testament I
20440ww: Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis (WI – S1)
20700ww: Hebrew Exegesis: Jeremiah
22100ww: Biblical Hermeneutics
22200ww: Introduction to the New Testament I
22440ww: Greek Syntax and Exegesis (WI – S1)
23020ww: Sermon on the Mount
25100ww: Introduction to Church History I
25235ww: Theology of Augustine
27060ww: Systematic Theology I
27080ww: Systematic Theology III
30000ww: Christian Preaching
30960ww: Intercultural Communication
32100ww: Personal Evangelism
32960ww: Introduction to Missiology
32985ww: History and Religion of Islam
40150ww: Personal Spiritual Disciplines

Fall and Winter Hybrid Modular Courses (2020-2021)

Fall 2

Oct 5 - Nov 29 (see MySBTS for on-campus dates)

20200md:  Introduction to the Old Testament I
22100md:  Biblical Hermeneutics
22200md:  Introduction to the New Testament I
22400md:  Elementary Greek (F1-F2)
22440md:  Greek Syntax and Exegesis (F1-F2)
25100md:  Introduction to Church History I
27060md:  Systematic Theology I
27080md:  Systematic Theology III
28630md:  Christinaity & Science
30000md:  Christian Preaching
32960md:  Introduction to Missiology
32980md:  World Religions and Christian Mission


Nov 30 - Jan 31 (see MySBTS for on-campus dates)

20220md: Intro to the Old Testament II
26200md: Southern Baptist Hertiage and Mission
27070md: Systematic Theology II
28700md: Christian Apologetics
34330md: Typical Problems in Biblical Counseling
35100md: Marriage and Family Counseling
40080md: Christian Leadership
40150md: Personal Spiritual Disciplines
40301md: Pastoral Ministry

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