Student Organizations

Student Organizations exist to establish community, communication and spiritual growth among groups who share a common affinity at Southern Seminary.

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Active Student Organizations

1937 Project Committee
The 1937 Project Committee serves the student body by planning and executing the 1937 Project, our campus-wide day of service and evangelism in Louisville. The Committee is comprised of 4 directors from the Ministry Leaders Internship and several selected team leaders who oversee service teams on the day of the event.
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Adelphai Society
The Adelphai Society exists to encourage women as they love and support their husbands during the unique and difficult task of pursuing a Ph.D. Advised by Mrs. Mary Mohler, the society seeks to cultivate a fellowship of encouragement and learning among Ph.D. wives through interaction with godly men and women affiliated with Southern Seminary.
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Chinese Student Fellowship
CSF seeks to foster connections among Chinese students and those hoping to serve in China, preparing and equipping students for future ministry in China by educating them on Chinese culture and the dynamics/state of Chinese churches.
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IDEArts is a group of student-artists who embrace their identity as creators in the image of a Creator God. IDEArts seeks to celebrate the beauty of God and his creation through artistic expression and present their artistic works as an opportunity for gospel witness.
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Korean Student Fellowship
KSF seeks to enhance the seminary life of Korean students and their families by aiding their transition into United States culture and academic life. The fellowship equips members for effective intellectual and spiritual leadership in all aspects of Christian ministry.
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Nigerian Student Fellowship
NSF serves as a forum for all Nigerian students to build community and fellowship around activities, worship in the local church, and participation in notable Southern Seminary events. The purpose of NSF is to build up participants in the Word of God, pray for the nations, and exalt the name of Christ.
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ONE seeks to reconcile ideas through Cross-centered conversations. Embracing the Christian’s identity as the Imago Dei (Gen 1:26) and “one new man” (Eph 2:15), ONE exists to create a space for healthy dialogue and the organic formation of gospel-centered relationships as we bear one another’s burdens across race and gender lines.
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SBTS History Society
The SBTS History Society seeks to promote the study of ancient Christianity at Southern Seminary through fellowship and regular presentations and meetings. Advised by Dr. Michael Haykin and Dr. Jonathan Arnold, the society serves to unite students who have an interest in history, particularly ancient Christian studies, in an effort to foster a greater appreciation for our predecessors in the faith.
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Southeast Asia Fellowship
SEAF exists to connect and create a network of Southeast Asian students for the purpose of sharing, serving, and strengthening one another in Southern Seminary and in Southeast Asia regions.
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Southern Hospitality
Southern Hospitality seeks to connect incoming students with current students prior to and during their transition to Louisville. Our goal is to help families and individuals with the transition to a new city while facilitating the spiritual discipline and gift of hospitality within the Southern community by welcoming these new students into our homes and lives.
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Student Association of Evangelists
SAE exists to provide students with practical opportunities to share the gospel throughout the city of Louisville. The group meets every other Saturday to minister to the neighborhoods and families throughout the downtown area of Louisville, with plans to expand and adopt other areas throughout the city for consistent evangelistic ministry.
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Student Missions Fellowship
SMF engages God’s global mission through the ministry of prayer for unreached people groups. SMF desires to raise awareness among students with regard to the state of unreached peoples around the world and to instruct students concerning the magnitude of the Great Commission.
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