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Adoption, Pregnancy

Our paper pregnancy: God, the gospel, and the global cause of Christ

David A. Gunderson — November 21, 2014

  They call it a “paper pregnancy.” It’s the period of time between the conception and finalization of your adoption. There’s no positive pregnancy test; no hormonal upheaval; no morning sickness; no amazing ultrasounds; no growing belly; no random food cravings; no little feet-kicks coming from the womb; no agonizing labor pains or delivery. Yet…

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10 reasons you cannot be a missionary, Israel

10 reasons you cannot be a missionary

David Sills — November 17, 2014
When should pastors Speak - Religious liberty

When should pastors speak?

Andrew T. Walker — November 14, 2014
My path to the Ph.D

My path to the Ph.D.

Derek J. Brown — November 12, 2014
The gospel of the suffering apostle: Seifrid discusses new commentary on 2 Corinthians

The gospel of the suffering apostle

Mark A. Seifrid — November 10, 2014
Hardship as preparation

Hardship as preparation for ministry

RuthAnne Irvin — November 3, 2014


That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.