1. Church/Pastoral Recommendation Form: All applicants must receive official endorsement from the local church where they are a member, this endorsement is provided through the online recommendation form located in the application.
  2. Recommendation Forms (doctoral applicants only): We suggest that a professor or a business acquaintance who can speak to academic performance complete the 2 additional recommendation forms required for doctoral students. Family members may not complete this form. Recommenders must have known the applicant for a minimum of one year. If for some reason this recommendation does not reflect the criterion above, the Admissions Office may request additional forms.
  3. Pastor/Leader Recommendation Form: This is a requirement for all MATS and MATSIL applicants. The Pastor/Leader Recommendation is submitted in lieu of the Church/Pastoral Recommendation Form.
  4. Spiritual Autobiography: The Spiritual Autobiography is made up of three small sections. Each section is a 1000 characters or less explanation of 1) your understanding of the gospel 2) your conversion and spiritual growth 3) your call to ministry and reason for applying to SBTS. MATS applicants must indicate that they understand that the MATS degree is designed for laypersons only and not for those pursuing vocational ministry.
  5. Academic Paper: This is a requirement for Advanced Master of Divinity and all Research Doctoral applicants. Applicants are required to submit a writing sample from their undergraduate or seminary education, respectively. This requirement allows for proper analysis of an applicant’s writing and research abilities. Please submit an unmarked sample from your previous schooling. It should be a clean copy and may account for former professor’s editorial comments.
  6. Official Transcripts: Transcription from the educational institution or institutions that conferred any required degrees should be submitted to the Admissions Office. Diploma applicants must submit an official copy of their high school diploma or GED, unless the applicant has completed a minimum of 24 hours of college credit. An official transcript will include grades received for each course, date of graduation and should be sent directly from the college or school attended to the Admissions Office.
  7. Placement Tests (Advanced M.Div. Applicants only): Students applying to the Advanced Master of Divinity are required to pass Greek and Hebrew placement exams. These exams cover Southern’s Elementary Greek & Hebrew language courses & can be completed at a distance with a proctor. To make arrangements for these placement tests, contact the Office of Student Success at academicadvising@sbts.edu or call 502-897-4680 and let them know you are interested in completing language placement tests.